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Miquela Sousa: We Have Entered The Age Of Virtual Influencer

Miquela Sousa, also known as Lil Miquela, is a popular Instagram influencer. She is a 19-years-old Spanish-Brazilian American living in Los Angle. Lots of well-known media, Vogue, W Magazine, The Cut, Hypebeast, and Business of Fashion, scrambled to report.

As a well-known blogger, Miquela Sousa’s Instagram account has already millions of fans. Not surprisingly, many famous fashion brands reach out and seek cooperation. At the end of February this year, during the Milan fashion week, Miquela Sousa was favored by Prada – Prada launched a series of GIF stickers on Instagram that were inspired by their 2018 SS Collection, they were first to look for Miquela to joint publishing these creative stickers. Beyond that, she appeared on V Magazine wore Chanel and Burberry. Surprisingly, she wore trendy transparent heel shoes.

Do you feel that she looks unrealistic? That’s right, Miquela Sousa is a Digital Art computer-generated model from Downey, California, designed to be infinitely close real-life bloggers. In August last year, Miquela Sousa released her first single “Not Mine”, which was ranked 8th Spotify’s hot list. Besides, she also concerned about social current affairs and published opinion, including Black Lives Matter, feminism, transgender rights, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival, gun control and so on.

She has a competitor – Bermuda, a same computer-generated model made by Cain Intelligence( it doesn’t actually exist). Bermuda had hacked Miquela’s ins account once.

There is another famous black virtual influencer, Shudu Gram. Her skin is black, and her face and figure are perfect, looks more exquisite than Miquela Sousa. Her ins personal introduction is “the world’s first virtual supermodel”. Recently she became the model of Fenty Beauty.

She is created by Cameron-James Wilson, a 28-year-old British photographer. He said that he has worked with many supermodels and want to create “the most beautiful woman in the world”. The black model Fatou Suri told the BBC that she is a fan of Shudu, and she was fully accepted the virtual model. She said, “Shudu is perfect, I’m glad that she’s unreal.”

In 2002, Simone, an American film directed by Andrew Niccol, told a story that the actress left the crew suddenly, and then the despairing director created a virtual computer actress Simone to replace her. It is full of absurdity. However, the Internet era we live has been a mix of true and false. Can we sure that what we see and what we heard is true?



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