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Are straw handbags in Style 2021?

Handbags are one of the things that girls must carry when going out. They are divided into leather handbags, canvas handbags, straw woven handbags, transparent handbags, and so on. We usually see leather handbags and canvas handbags when walking on the street, but we rarely see woven handbags. So, are straw handbags in Style 2021?

straw handbags

Straw handbags, as the name suggests, are handbags woven from straw in the field. Since the main material of woven handbags is straw, we often associate it with the products used by farmers, such as princess clothes and woven hats.

Compared with canvas bags and leather handbags, straw handbags will give off a natural taste because of their special material. But some people don’t like it very much, thinking it is a country style that cannot keep up with fashion trends.

Personalized woven straw bag

In addition to the shape and material of the woven straw bale does not meet the urban aesthetics, its shelf life is also a fatal weakness. Those of us who have used straw bales know that they should not be exposed to water easily, especially on rainy days.

After the straw gets into the water, if it is not dried in time, it will give off a rancid smell of plants. Once this smell appears, you can no longer use it. Otherwise, surrounded by those flavors, you will have the feeling of returning to work on the farm.

Fashion collocation of woven straw bags

And even if you want to use it, there is no way. Because the storage period of fashion bags woven from straw is inherently shorter than leather bags and canvas bags. When the straw hits the water, it will decay.

Even if the straw on the bale has been processed through many processes and has a stronger toughness than the original, it will become extremely fragile due to the influence of water. If you are a person who pursues product cost performance, you will not be interested in it.

Yellow woven straw bag

Since weaving straw bales have so many fatal shortcomings, shouldn’t they be abandoned by us? of course not! After all, every product has its fans. Although our audience of straw handbagsdoes not have as many fans as leather and canvas bags, many people still like to carry them. If you are also one of the fans, don’t care about the eyes of others and use it with confidence.

If we ignore the two shortcomings mentioned above, I think weaving straw bales also has its irreplaceable effect. why? Because the woven straw handbags are very suitable for travel or leisure.

Ethnic style woven straw bag

Many professional women will consider versatileness when choosing packages. It must be suitable for use at work and meet daily needs, so the range of bags available for them to choose from is not large.

Outside of work, we all like to take off rigid professional suits and put on comfortable clothes. The straw handbags can be used with them. Moreover, the price of a cheap woven straw package may be only one-tenth of that of a leather bag, and we can still afford it.

Ladies woven straw bag

Traveling is also one of the ways we modern women enjoy life. As a professional woman, as long as there are holidays, I like to go to nature with few people. Being in a tight working state for a long time, returning to nature allows me to enjoy unprecedented peace. This is a great opportunity to relax.

Before I set off, apart from preparing various travel strategies, choosing clothes is also very important. During the trip, my favorite dresses are floral dresses and bohemian skirts. The most suitable bag to match these clothes is the straw handbags. Bohemian-style dresses, woven straw bags, and flat sandals can relax you physically and mentally. And you can also leave a lot of amazing photos. So you can use it.

Fashion woven straw bag

Also, I do not recommend that you pursue popular styles too much. Many immediately popular styles are like a gust of wind. After they blow over, they will disappear soon and will not last for too long. If you buy a lot of popular products, the result is that they will accumulate dust soon, making it difficult to use them repeatedly. Invisible, we wasted a lot of money.

Compared to popular styles, I prefer to pursue my distinctive style. My dressing is rarely matched with popular styles, and I will not follow the trend to buy popular products that a lot of people like its. 

Woven straw bags and dresses

No matter how busy the work is, I am willing to take a moment to go shopping or buy some clothes online. After repeated matching and combination, I can finally find the product I like. The same goes for straw handbags.

We don’t need to care if it is a popular product in 2021, nor how many people will use it. You just care about your preferences. If your collocation is amazing, you will definitely not be alone. Trust me, you will become the object of others to imitate and learn. Log in to Wholesale 7 now and buy cheap and easy-to-use straw handbags in 2021! If you want to know more about ladies’ handbags, please click here.


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