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Is Shein Legit? Honest Shein Review 2021

Shein is popular for women’s clothes and accessories due to its wide range and stunning fashions. The prices are very reasonable for such trendy clothes, making Shein one of the best online shopping sites.

From variety to style the products on this site are fabulous enough to make you stand out from the crowd. Coming to material, you get some of the finest materials for low costs when you compare similar eCommerce sites for the same quality.

If you are wondering regarding the legitimacy of this site and are doubtful of their prices concerning their quality, then check out this in-detail review that will clear all your doubts.

What Is Shein?

shein official website

Shein is an e-Commerce website that sells clothes, accessories, shoes, for women, men, and kids. Also, home décor, kitchen products, office stationery, and several other useful items are available at amicable prices.

Some other things you can look for to shop here are bedding, lighting, dining, bath-related, storage, and whatnot. When you can buy almost all essential needs from here at such cheap prices and best quality, what are you waiting for?

Is Shein Clothing Legit?

Yes, Shein is legit. However, you need certain precautions to avoid pitfalls that do exist like in any other eCommerce site in general. For a positive shopping experience, you need to follow the tips, and we will provide them in the further sections of this article.

Where Is Shein Located?

Though Shein manufacturers are located in China you have their warehouses in several locations. As they sell internationally, their storerooms are located in China, Europe, and the USA.

Shein Shipping

Shein ships from any of their warehouses based on the availability of the product and the distance. Usually, shipping takes 3 weeks for the free or lowest charges and quick shipping is available for an extra charge.

This long shipping time is not completely standard as sometimes you may receive the items even within a week. As already mentioned, it depends on where the item is being shipped.

If you have it in a nearby warehouse you get it early and if it needs to be shipped from China then it takes time. However, 3 weeks is the longest it takes in any case, so you can be sure that you will receive your item in that period and plan accordingly.

If you are planning to order for a special occasion, it is better to place your order well in advance to avoid any disappointments. Also, factor in some time to get a proper fitting or any other alteration you may require.

Shein’s Return Policy

Returning items is an easy process with Shein as they provide a return label right in your account, which you can simply print and use it. You can find it after you log in and go to the particular order of the item, which you wanted to return.

Coming to the return shipping cost, if it is your first order, you need not pay any shipping fee and do it free of cost. From there on it will cost you return fees and might prove to be costly as your first motto to buy from Shein is to save some bucks.

So, it is better to check the item thoroughly and to read the reviews to know about any possible things you might not like about it before you order. That way, you will be saved from returning the item and also the return fees with few minutes of research.

Why Is Shein’s Clothing So Cheap?

As Shein clothing is made in China where manual labor is far cheaper than in countries such as the US and UK, they can reduce costs. Also, several other factors such as the raw material, industrial machinery, and so on, which are also cheaper here support extremely low prices.

It is understandable that at these prices you cannot expect high-quality pricey fabric, but you can buy apparel of decent quality. When I say cheap rate, it means that you get clothes for a lower price than the other competitive eCommerce site that sells similar clothing.

You can buy holiday clothes, casuals, daily wear, and also party wear easily here. However, when looking for something exclusive such as bridal wear, or a formal gown, you need to understand that this is not a luxury brand and might not be able to find top-notch variety.

On the other hand, if you are looking for budget-priced clothing for these events, then you can definitely go for the products available on Shein. They offer you competitive prices by taking advantage of human resources, raw material, machine power, and the currency value difference.


As Shein caters to various international consumers, it is challenging for them to keep up with size inconsistencies. Yet they do their best by providing a size chart and proper metrics with which you can compare.

Mainly pay attention to the inches or cms provided in the size chart rather than the sizes such as XL or XS to avoid any returns. Despite their efforts, most of them report that their sizes run small, so be vigilant and order a size up, which can be altered if it is loose.

If you need conversions, you can simply search for a tool on the internet where you can quickly convert the sizes to understand the proper sizes that you are accustomed to in your country.

Shein size guide
Source: Shein

Tips on Buying Clothing on Shein Online Store

Yes, most people forget to apply the necessary steps when you are too excited after finding your favorite apparel. Keeping this list handy will save you from later regrets i.e. after the excitement wears down and you realize your mistakes.

After reading these tips, you might think that you already know them. But the key here is to follow them. Here are the important steps to follow when shopping on Shein.


Reviews are the opinions from the users who tell us about the products they ordered. Usually, reviews with pictures are very useful and should be the first to be checked. Also, reviews that tell you genuinely about the product and not simply generic need to be referred.

Do not blindly go ahead with several positive reviews or just the rating. Take time to read every positive review as well as the negative review as that is where you get to know all the undesirable aspects of a product.

Finally, know that paid reviews exist in every eCommerce platform and learn to weed them out and to follow only original reviews.


You might have a standard size for your clothing and they fit you well always but do not assume that the same size goes with the same name on Shein. Make sure to open up the chart size and check the measurement values.

Also, do it for every single piece as they differ from dress to dress and the only way to be sure about size is by checking it thoroughly.

Promo Codes

Check for the Promo codes and use them to avail of the extra discount that allows you to save even more. Generally, Shein has one or the other promos running and keeps the information available on their site.

Just check the top right corner of the home page to find a promo code and apply it during the checkout.


One of the main disadvantages of online shopping is you cannot feel the material. However, when the seller describes the kind of material, you will be able to have a proper understanding of what you can expect.

Check for the material information and do not go by the looks and assume it is some kind of material. Keeping false hopes will disappoint you and you will end up buying something else than what you thought you were buying.

Is Shein Reliable?

Shein is reliable to the most extent. When I say most, you need to understand that there are certain limitations for every eCommerce shop and you can overcome them by using the above tips.

If you follow them you can achieve the best results. Only one main issue is late shipping and if you are fine with the time they take, then you can happily shop here. After all, you can save huge at Shein.

Is Shein Safe to Use?

Shein’s payment methods are secure. You can pay either through credit card or through PayPal. If you are skeptical about using a credit card, then you can use PayPal as is a highly secure third-party payment application.

It also takes care of keeping your transaction safe and helps you if you have any issues while transferring your payment. This facility is especially helpful when you are dealing with companies based in other countries.

Best Things You Can Buy on Shein

Shein has a vast collection of everything and it is exhausting to go through the complete list and more tiresome is evaluating them. From skirts to hoodies, graphic tees to activewear you find everything on Shein.

So, here are some quick categories you can check out first for best-selling products.


Swimsuits here have excellent reviews. Unlike other online apparel sites, this website features several models of swimsuits range which contains sexy models to conservative models.

You can find various styles such as high cuts, string bikinis, strappy suits, and so on with attractive designs and colors. When you get to select from almost 5000+ collections I must say you can get any style, model, and color you need.


Mostly Shein collections consisted of trendy and stylish clothes but you will be surprised to know they also sell activewear. If you observe closely some of their activewear resembles GymShark designs and yet come at lower prices.

As already mentioned, you need to go through the material details for its breathability, stretching comfort, and also thickness of the cloth. You might not find every detail in the product listing but you might find them in reviews.

Maternity wear

Maternity wear is tricky as you know you will not be using them for long period but still, you need them as you cannot fit into your regular clothes. Many do not like to spend a lot on maternity clothes as chic models in this category are available only at super-high rates.

Shein has a range of collections at affordable rates and clothing that looks super fashionable along with being comfortable on you.

Curve and Plus Size

Sizes from 0XL to 5XL have a limited range of clothing with not much variety. But at Shein, you have an enormous selection of clothing that you can check easily using their categorization based on trend, clothing, style, and so on.

What’s more interesting is that you get to see how these clothes fit on the real users at a section known as Lookbook. Here the real users upload their pictures in which they wear the clothes brought to this store.

Men’s section

Though not as vast as the Women’s section on Shein, the men’s section does have its own set of interesting collections. However, when you compare this section with its counterparts it is definitely large as well as trendier.

Edgy and trendy-looking men’s apparel is a staple to Shein. Basic clothing such as shorts, tees, bathing suits, and so on are available here. When coming to jeans you get skinny, harem style, tapered, and similar fashionable models.

Even graphic tees, embroidered, tie-dyes, and similar designs are also found in their store. So, you can expect some unique and different kinds of apparel for men but not the casual or preppy kind at Shein.


Kid’s clothing does not need to last forever as they outgrow them quickly so these are something you do not want to spend a fortune on. Yet you need to keep them in pace with the fashion trend.

So, buying at Shein is the best option where you have a huge collection of kid’s clothes. You can buy bathing suits, pajamas, dresses, loungewear, crop tops, tees and several other kinds of clothes which are both cute and stylish.

Final Thoughts

If you are a person of fast-fashion and love to have pomp to your look, Shein is the best place. As trends change fast and spending on something you might not wear for few years is not pocket-friendly.

Yet you need to keep up with the trend so just shop at Shein and enjoy your splendid looks. Just a word of caution, if you are looking for clothes that last long, Shein is not the place. The real deal here is fashion at a low cost.

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