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The 7 Worst Mistakes Girls Maxi Dress Rookies Make

Time seems to be flying by this year. One second it was cold and shivering in the winter, the next it was baking in the sun. Yes, summer is here again. We can put on a good-looking girl maxi dress again, revealing an enchanting beautiful figure.

elegant maxi dress

Despite all the talk about how easy it is to put on a girl’s maxi dress, it’s an art. Being well dressed can turn you into a fairy in an instant, and not being well dressed shows all the flaws in your body. Not the rest of us. Even stars of all stripes are no exception. Ordinary people should pay more attention.

Today, this article gives you a summary of seven lessons in wearing skirts, hoping to help you avoid minefields, and with the help of a beautiful girl’s maxi dress into a small fairy.

The Waist Line Is Not Obvious

In recent years, there has been a trend in the fashion world to wear oversized clothes. The popularity of plus-size clothing has been a boon for overweight girls.

Affected by the deformed aesthetic concept, many slightly fat girls always feel that their figure is not slim enough, either the shoulders are too stocky, or the legs are too thick, so they like to wear large-size clothes to cover their figure. Is that true of you?

Full dress

In normal terms, supersize clothes do have a role in shielding the figure, but I see this kind of clothes in life, more is to show fat.

Yes, plus-size clothes without a waistline don’t necessarily make you look slimmer, and can make you look fatter. Sometimes when the wind blows, a large dress will make you look like a ball.

So, whether it is a small fat girl, or a good figure of the girl, as far as possible to choose the girl’s maxi dress with a waist. That’s the safe thing to do.

The Length Is Too Embarrassing

In addition to the style and color of the skirt, the length of a girl’s maxi dress is often our concern.

maxi dress

What do you mean by skirt length? As far as my friends are concerned, their consideration of skirt length is often limited by height. When they are more than 1.7 meters tall, they are free to wear long dresses or short skirts. Those under 1.7 meters also tend to wear short skirts to show their long legs and look taller. That’s a little bit straightforward.

In general, I steer clear of two types of dress. The first is a knee-length skirt for girls, and the second is a calf-length dress.

Knee-length skirts have two obvious disadvantages. One is that they look stiff and conservative, making it difficult to wear them in a fashion sense. Its second disadvantage is easy to expose the below-the-knee leg type shortcomings, such as O leg, X leg, etc. If you have any of these problems, this dress will show off your body flaws in a minute.

pure white dress

What’s the downside of a calf-length skirt? One obvious drawback is that it’s not friendly to girls with big calves. Even though your body looks thin, your calves are stronger. This kind of girl’s maxi dress will make you look sturdy and not feminine at all.

If the leg shape of the lower body is not particularly perfect, it is best to avoid clothes that reach the knees and calves. It is best to wear Maxi dresses that go over the ankles or fall to the ground.

The Material Is Too Cheap

A person’s temperament is determined by money and status, besides, the choice of clothing material is also very important.

Strapless dress

Why do so many people wear expensive clothes and look like street goods? The material of clothing choice is also an important reason for people to have a “sense of cheap”. Expensive clothes are not necessarily good. It’s the material that matters.

For example, a dress made of gauze. If you pick a Death Barbie pink color, IT will instantly feel like a mosquito net. Even the stars are no exception. And the “pleated” design, which is very popular these days. If a large area of the fold and touch easy to wrinkle material, it will become the scene of a car accident.

When we choose women’s dresses, it is better to consider those styles that are smooth and less prone to wrinkles. These clothes rarely vary in price. If your financial ability is temporarily limited, they can make up for these shortcomings.

Too Much Design

Design too cheap clothes, often have such a common: multiple elements mix!

The creators of these costumes usually have no artistic sense. They design clothes with only one idea in mind. What’s popular in the market, just push them all together to do it.

Stunning dress

Overly complex patterns and designs can be cumbersome and look like “clothes wear people, not people wear clothes”. So the position of host and guest is completely reversed. The advanced, fashionable design does not necessarily want to do addition, the design of minimalism is the eternal god.

When we choose a girl’s maxi dress, we must not be dazzled by the dazzling design, but to do the appropriate subtraction. Plain, simple cloth is just as amazing.

The Skirt Is Too Revealing

One of the biggest headaches in summer is the high temperature. A girl’s maxi dress helps relieve the heat. Many girls buy dresses rather than directly buy a swimsuit to go out. It won’t get too hot.

Vintage dress

Even though people have a very open attitude nowadays, too revealing clothes can make people feel greasy. The summer sweats much sees the wet arm has the greasy feeling even more.

With proper concealment of his figure, it is possible to let people amazing.

About wearing skirts 5 big minefields, today to explain to the sisters here. With summer just around the corner, check out Wholesale 7 to get your perfect girl’s maxi dress for the streets.


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