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90s Retro Style Inspired By The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

The winners of Teen Choice Award 2018 has been announced. A throwback TV show caught my attention, named The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air starring Will Smith. Will Smith plays a high school student who gets stuck in West Philadelphia and is sent to Bel Air to live with his rich aunt and uncle. Leaving aside the plot, it’s worth noting that Will Smith‘s outfits in the show are extremely iconic. Retro style has dominated the fashion world these days, especially retro street style in the 90’s. However,  Will Smith had already worn 90s retro style in this TV show.

1. Bright Colors

As a personality boy rocked as a rapper, Will Smith really likes to wear bright clothes, including purple, orange, yellow, pink, etc. Whether it’s a T-Shirt, a tank or a jacket, he always has his own style. Even the trending blazers, his style is still in fashion now.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Will SmithWill Smith in  colorful jacketsThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
2. Printing

Not only is bright colors, but printing is also a hit style. No matter what pattern, printing or geometry, Will is incredibly bold in his choice of patterns and colors.  All kinds of clothes match with bold style and they are still in fashion now.

Will Smith in printingWill Smith in Printing shirt
3. Clashing Colors

Different color clashing is the most basic in all kinds of Will’s styles. Most of the stylings are designed of a multicolored irregular splice, which is more eye-catching. Generally speaking, as a fashion boy, Will is fond of wearing all kinds of colors, especially layering.

Will Smith in clashing colorsWill Smith in All kinds of Colors
4. Sport Chic

The most important outfits of Will, a fan of rap, dance, basketball and various sports, of course, is the sporty items, which is also the core of the retro wave in the 90s. For example, Will had worn windbreaker jackets tracksuits like Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2018 Collection, and peaked caps to make it highlight of the looks. Fresh Prince‘s looks focus on brightly colored California hip-hop style, so he also had a lot of sports hoodies in different colors.

Will Smith in windbreakersWill Smith with peaked capsWill Smith in sports hoodies

Today, we can see Will Smith’s 90s style worn by pop culture figures. In fact, at that time, young people with their own personalities always expected to express their bold and equal life philosophy. Then they tended to wear to be bold. It’s kinda cool, right?




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