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Trend Alert! These Will Be The Hottest Color Trends in 2018 Fall & Winter

Unconsciously, the summer of 2018 has already passed more than half. Pantone, the world’s most authoritative color agency, has updated the popular colors trends of 2018 autumn and winter for everyone. This year’s autumn and winter fashion colors are different from the past dull and boring, but more colorful than the spring and summer colors. More lively, allowing that dressing has more possibility.

/ Pear Red /

/ Valiant Poppy /

/ Ceylon Yellow /

/ Russet Orange /

/ Limelight /

/ Ultra Violet /

/ Crocus Petal Lilac /

/ Nebulas Blue /

/ Quetzal Green /

/ Martini Olive /


All above are popular color trends 2018 fall and winter. Everybody gives to play to creativity and begin to add some “It Colors” for fall and winter in advance.


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