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Leopard Print Is Finally Back and How To Look Effortlessly Chic

Leopard print is making a comeback and no one can stop it. Most designers are releasing leopard print Fall/Winter collection like as agreed. So, embrace it! Leopards are really transferred to the urban city. Max Mara Fall/Winter Collections really amaze the whole audiences – models look wilder in all leopard print. And even Victoria Beckham couldn’t resist this craze. In addition to traditional leopard print, Tom Ford bring us into a more colorful and wilder leopard print world. How shall we cater to this trend?

#1. Leopard Print Skirt & Wide-leg Pants

It is hard to look good in all leopard print. Relatively speaking, leopard print skirt and wide-leg pants are more likely to embrace. The point is that the fabric should be soft. Our feed on Instagram has been swiped by a leopard print skirt. Lots of influencers pair it with a T-shirt or a simple top to make easy chic.

#2. Swimsuits

Summer is winding down, but you can still take advantage of the season’s perks – including enjoying a trip in a leopard print swimsuit. The simple leopard print is sexy and stylish and the swimwear is complemented by a cutout of a one-piece and two-piece swimsuit for a trendy look.

#3. Shoes

The best way to wear leopard print is to keep it subtle and simple. If you’re nervous about this look, try a pair of leopard print shoes to add a shot of glamour. You can opt for flats, kitten heels or boots to upgrade your looks. Speaking of which, Theresa May, British Prime Minister, is a big fan of leopard print shoes.

#4. Awesome Accessories

There are many ways to wear leopard print in effortless chic. For women, bags are a must-have item. Small leopard print bags are getting popular these days. Even if you’re wearing a basic T-shirt and jeans, you can use some accessories such as leopard print headbands and belts as a “light spot” for the styling.


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