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4 Supermodels Tell You The Truth Behind Fashion Week

Fashion week is indeed glamorous in the eyes of outsiders, but what’s it like to be on the runway every day for a month? Four cities, more than 300 shows, countless variations of hair and makeup, and the excruciating early-morning auditions, that’s the truth of fashion week. Are you how these models got through this purgatory month unscathed? Stay tuned.

#1.Alexina Graham

“The catwalk is exhausting, but I try to keep my normal routine. I have to exercise at least one hour a day and get 10 hours of sleep at night. I only eat healthy food, indulge in some chocolate occasionally, drink lots of water, and then catch up on some sleep between jobs. Unless it’s for the show, I basically don’t use a lot of makeup during fashion week. I like to wake up the skin with a scrub in the morning, which gives me a fresh look and then apply a bit of foundation in a topical redness. Drink some hot water with lemon, a cup of coffee or tea, and you’re done in the morning.”

#2. Adesuwa Aighewi

“I call fashion week the fashion Olympics. Getting sick during the show was every model’s nightmare. Before the show, I will put in vitamin C, take vitamin B12 and vitamin C, and get plenty of sleep. But mostly, I try to be happy and enjoy the moment.

For a month in a row, there are 3 shows or more every day, and my skin starts to get acne. I will try to keep my skin clean and moist. When I fly, I like to use a thicker cream, such as Embryolisse Lait- Crème Concentré. I used Dermalogica Essential Cleansing Solution for facial cleansing, then applied apple cider vinegar film, plus Chanel Hydra Beauty Masque de Nuit Au Camélia Overnight Mask, which has a wonderful effect.”

#3. Sarah Berger

“Running back and forth during the audition is my daily exercise! I don’t need to do more exercise during the catwalk, but I like to do some stretching exercises in my hotel room with yoga in the morning. It makes me feel good. I think it’s important to pay attention to your body and take care of it before you start a busy day.

I like fruit, so I will use bananas, berries, avocados, vegetable protein powder, and some green vegetables like kale or spinach to make a lot of milkshakes for breakfast. I like to sprinkle some oatmeal and chia seeds on it, I don’t get tired of it, and they provide me with a morning energy. Fashion Week is a great opportunity to meet up with friends. If you have time, we will have a cup of coffee in the draft space, or have a dinner together after the end of the day. I feel good to be with friends and share some experience with them. Of course, sometimes I am so tired that I just want to go home.”

#4. Lara Mullen

“It’s very important to eat well during the catwalk, so you can have enough energy when you are on the catwalk. I don’t like breakfast very much, usually only drink coffee, then bring a banana when I go out. If I have more time I like to cook some eggs, eat on avocado and rye bread. There are some healthy foods in the backstage, so I really like to eat there!

It’s not uncommon to get sick during the catwalk. I just need to take a Beecham’s cold medicine (this is a magical medicine!), and then drink some Lemsip Max cold medicine. Other methods don’t work. Sleeping, taking some time to take care of yourself is usually the only way I can keep going. I will relax by taking a lavender bath, doing a facial, listening to audiobooks, and sleeping a lot. I always cleaned my apartment in London before going to the New York Fashion Show. When I came back, I had a clean and tidy comfort zone. I will use the opportunity of Fashion Week to gather with friends, in Milan – if there is Time – I usually meet up with friends at the canal and have dinner together. After the show, I will always buy a bag in Paris to treat myself.”


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