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Wholesale7 Halloween Costumes Party: Rich Styles, Big Sale

What makes especially exciting that Halloween is just on the way, and I’ve already shared fashion Halloween costumes ideas that make you stand out to dress up in the long-awaited night. Got on ideas where to find your look yet? Don’t worry, the latest Halloween event at Wholesale7 can relieve your worry. Except for rich styles, big discounts are also attractive enough.

Ⅰ. Fairy Tale

Admittedly, most girls dream of wearing stunning dresses like princesses in the fairy tale. Snow White, Mermaid Princess, Cinderella……these best-known characters are also the easiest to imitate. Pick a princess dress and be a princess in the Halloween night.

Wholesale7 Halloween Princess CostumesPretty Princess Two Pieces Dress   /   Off Shoulder Cinderella Dress

Ⅱ. Dark Witches

In addition to princesses, witches is also a character who often appears in stories. Where there is a good man, there is a bad man. Wear a witch outfit and pair with smoky eyes, you’re an absolute stunner in the night.

Wholesale7 Halloween Witch CostumesHalloween Costume Sets   /   Fitted Tie Witch Dress 

Ⅲ. Walking Dead

Halloween night is a spooky night. The street will be full of all kinds of zombies of the night. If you want to dress up as a zombie, a bloody and scruffy outfit is a must.

Wholesale7 Halloween Zombie CostumesZombie Suit for Men   /   Halloween Pirate Suit For Women

Ⅳ. Superhero

Fighting as a superhero with a sword in hand must be a fantasy everyone dreamed about in the early years. Everybody has a heroic dream. It is a nice option to dress up as a hero, such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Future Warrior.

Wholesale7 Halloween Superhero CostumesWonder Woman Costume   /   Superhero Halloween Outfit

It’s not appropriate to stay at home for Halloween. It’s time for the devil in your heart out for a little trick or treats. Halloween party featuring joy, surprise, excitement, and fun is being held in Wholesale7. Except for costumes, all kinds of hair wigs are ready for you to dress up as who you want. Whisper something in your ear: There will be a relative discount when you reach the corresponding amount. Come and join this party!

Wholesale7 Halloween Event


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