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Best Dresses For Apple Shape Plus Size Women for 2021

Are you one of those women with an apple-shaped body? Then, this is the article specially curated for you. Women with such bodies truly find it hard to search for clothes that fit them.

And we totally understand your dilemma. Also, if you are plus size, then the trouble is real. This is why with enough research on the same, we have brought to you some beneficial information for apple-shaped plus size women.

We shall discuss the strengths and weaknesses of apple shape plus size women. At the same time, we speak about how you can style your clothes the right way. Furthermore, we shall also discuss the best dresses that will perfectly be suitable for this body type.

These tips and tricks will surely help such women find perfect clothes that will allow them to flaunt their shape with style. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get straight to it.

Celebrities with Plus Size Apple Body Shape

There are two famous or popular celebrities with plus-size apple body shapes. Let’s discuss them more and learn their styling tips.

1. Kelly Clarkson (5′ 3″)

Kelly Clarkson is the perfect definition of a plus-size apple body shaped. However, she has never let that define herself. With some outstanding fashion sense and style, she never fails to impress. If you notice, she perfectly plays with the right color to flaunt her curves the best way. All of her looks are style statements for sure.

Though she doesn’t have the traditional looks compared to her peers, she flaunts what she has with utmost elegance. Her fashion sense, choice of colors, shapes of dress all play an important role in determining how she looks. And we are not complaining.

2. Melissa McCarthy (5′ 2″)

Yet another stunner we have here. She also is a plus size with an apple-shaped body. But her fashion sense is something we adore. She just isn’t an amazing personality but also owns what she wears. Personally, we do think that she is one of the best dress celebs out there.

She knows exactly how to play with her clothes the right way to flaunt her style. So if you are a plus size apple body shaped woman, we suggest you look up to her for her fashion statements. Though she is short and curvy, that doesn’t stop her from choosing the right clothes for herself.

What Are The Benefits of Apple Shaped Plus Size Women?

Before we get into the details of what kind of clothes are best for Apple-shaped plus size women, we would like to give you a small reminder. Be it any clothes, make sure that you feel confident in every outfit. Confidence is the key to a well-designed or simple outfit that you choose to wear.

Confident women are the most elegant, be it any dress or outfit they decide to wear. So remember to be confident and slay your look. Now we shall have a look at the benefits of apple shaped plus sized women.

The biggest asset for an apple shape plus size woman is her curves. We presume that you must have received tons of compliments for your gorgeous round chest.

So why not use it to your benefit and look ravishing in every outfit of yours? Choose the right clothes to accentuate your curves. Focus your attention on the right places to amp up your style quotient.

The next big asset that apple shaped plus size women have is firm and slender legs compared to the rest of the body. Now, this is a huge win-win for these ladies as there are innumerable ways to show off your legs.

This simply means that you can flaunt your super slim legs with grace in any outfit. There are many ways you can show off your toned and slender legs while you dress up. The only thing you need to make sure of is that you pick out specific clothes or outfits for the same.

This is why you should make sure to choose outfits or dresses that focus on your strengths. Pick clothes that draw attention to your assets which will change the entire look.

What Are the Drawbacks of Plus Size Apple Shaped Women?

We know it sucks to find the right size clothing when you have a good amount of weight on your waist. But do not let that put you down in any way.

Apple sized plus size women always struggle with the extra weight of their waist. However, there is no perfect body ever out there. Just as it is important to know your strengths, so it is to know about your weaknesses.

Now that you are aware of both of them, you can now go ahead to choose the best clothing to amplify your assets and tone down your weaknesses.

Best Way to Style as a Plus Size Apple Shaped Women

As a plus size apple shaped woman, you need to remember not to hide or camouflage your curves. Instead, try accentuating them and feel confident in the same.

There are some dress types and tricks that will allow you to style yourself in a way that will make everyone turn their heads. If you want to learn more of these tips, let’s get straight to it without wasting any further time.

• Pick out clothes or dresses that accentuate your nice butt and firm breasts. You would not want to hide them; instead, use them for your benefit.

• On the other hand, make sure that the outfit you choose draws attention from your waistline. Else, your outfit should create an illusion of a perfect slim waistline which can be easily done. We shall give out some tricks that will help you achieve the same.

Why Shouldn’t You Wear Loose Dresses?

There is a popular myth that wearing loose clothes will hide your waistline and other places that you would like to conceal. However, the biggest disadvantage of wearing loose clothes is that it becomes way too obvious that you are trying to hide something tirelessly. Now, this can send a wrong message about you not being comfortable in your own skin.

Many women opt for loose clothes to hide the fat near the stomach region, which is a big no-no. Also, if you were petite, then wearing loose clothes will only worsen your entire look. Though you may be plus size and being petite, the looseness of clothes will only add to the total distorted look.

On the other hand, go for dresses or outfits fitted well but slowly become loose towards your waist region. This will give your overall structure a lift and will make you look great as well.

Best Dresses for Apple Shaped Plus Size 2021

This section has been curated after years of research about the best dresses for apple shaped plus sized women. These designs and styles of clothes do their best job at accentuating your strengths and hiding your weaknesses.

A majority of these dresses give you the illusion of a perfect waistline with an absolutely stunning look. So without wasting any further time, let’s reveal the best dresses for this body type.

Structured Dresses With Waist Definition

For a plus size apple shaped body woman, you must choose to structure your features. This will largely help in defining and amplifying your features.

Some may ask, what is a structured dress? It is designed carefully such that it holds its shape. This also means that the fabric or material used needs to be a quality one.

At the same time, it needs to be thick as well. The dress needs to hold the shape and accentuate the features of a plus size apple sized women’s body.

A-Line Dresses

If you need the ideal and versatile option for apple shaped plus sized body, then it is the A-Line dress. One such piece of clothing is a must-have for every plus size apple shaped body woman.

These dresses satisfy two things that are something you actually need. The first thing is that it accentuates your waistline, thus drawing or eliminating the focus on your stomach region.

Secondly, these dresses flare out near your stomach, which effectively hides the stomach area.

Ruched Waist Dresses

If you have an apple shaped plus sized body, then you know that ruched waist dresses are a blessing. They simplify your lives so much, and you don’t have to do much with these dresses.

They already have a stunning slimming effect which is why this is definitely something that you should have in your wardrobe.
You can pretty much style them up anyway and look effortlessly gorgeous. If you need to wear a curve-hugging dress, then we recommend that you opt for one with ruching in the waist area.

They not only make you look slimmer but also hide your stomach area very well.

Tiered Dresses

This is another stunning one piece that actually looks like they are separate. The advantage of wearing these types of dresses is that it will give viewers a feeling that you have a slim waist.

Also, a huge reminder when you opt for these dresses is choosing one color for the outfit. One single color will give you a taller effect which will accentuate your entire look.

Colour Block Dresses

Colour block dresses are the best type of outfits for apple shaped plus sized women. Choose a light-colored top with a dark-colored bottom. The whole purpose of wearing this combination is that the entire focus is shifted to your face and chest area.

It draws away attention from your weaknesses and accentuates your strengths. This is why you need to have a couple of color block dresses.

Shift Dress

This is another interesting choice for women with an apple shape plus size body. As we discussed earlier how you should not hide your curves but flaunt them with style. Though some may not be comfortable with the same, it works wonders.

The shift dress is the perfect example of elegance and style suitable for plus size apple shaped body women. These dresses do not conceal your body, but it simply shows off your amazing curves. There are some amazing collections of shift dresses that you can find online.

Smocked Waist Dresses

Smocked Waist dresses have a tight top along with a skirt that is not too loose. The top, though, is not too fitted, and the waist part forms an interesting contrast with the outfit.

This contrast creates a stunning illusion of you having a slim and lean waistline. Get yourselves a couple of these types of dresses to rock every event that you visit.

Belted Dress

If you have a stock of belted dresses, we would advise you to read this section for more information. Though many stylists would recommend you try belted dresses to hide your stomach, it can be the opposite.

For some who think it’s a quick fix, it can actually work out wrong. If you choose to belt your dress, you are drawing all the attention to your stomach region. I’m sure it’s something you would not want to do.

So you may ask, what kind of belt should you use for an apple shaped plus size woman? Then we suggest you choose a belt that is the same color as your outfit. This won’t draw any attention to your stomach area and also make you look slimmer.

This kind of dress could have a line shape or be a wrap dress as well. But the only thing that you need to make sure of is that you pick a belt similar to the outfit’s color. Else, you can also choose one that is a few shades lighter or darker.

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