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Top 76 High-Quality Boutique Wholesale Clothing Suppliers

The wholesale industry has been blooming over the years. However, with so many wholesalers out there, choosing the best wholesale clothing supplier for your boutique is becoming harder.

Where you source your clothing is a vital factor when operating a boutique or other online store, it will make or break your business. So be sure to gather enough information before making any decision.

To provide better insights into the boutique business for you, we list out the best wholesale suppliers for boutique clothing and give information on which clothing wholesaler is best for dropshipping business or stocking up the inventory.

How to Choose the Best Boutique Wholesale Clothing Suppliers?

If you are looking for a boutique wholesale clothing supplier, you should find out what you want to focus on. Clothing style? Quality? Or the price? Once you decide, the second thing is to think about if you want to go for an overseas supplier or a local supplier.

wholesale clothing suppliers

If your business is based in the USA, you can try your luck with some U.S. clothing suppliers as they may provide higher quality clothing but are costly.

But another fact you should not ignore is that most of the clothing wholesaler is from China.

They provide more budget choices (while not compromising quality), and more people put China suppliers as their first choice. That’s why they can spread over the world so fast.

And some of them also have local warehouses in the United States, which means they have a satisfying shipping time comparable to US-based wholesale suppliers.

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We made a comparison of the 76 best wholesale clothing suppliers below (China, US, UK, and India), and you can buy cheap wholesale women’s clothing items (as well as men’s apparel)at a reasonable price on all of them.

How Do I Start an Online Boutique Clothing Store?

Starting an online boutique clothing store requires hundreds of hours to carefully plan and do extensive research if you are a newbie. And make other decisions such as niche market, logo, wholesale supplier, and many more could be overwhelming for a starter. If you are unfamiliar with the boutique clothing field and have no experience, you should check this guide.

Another vital thing that you should do is look for a quality online clothing wholesaler. But it would be much better to test the wholesale clothing store first before you invest too much money in that store.

It would help get a sample bundle of 5, 10, or even 15 units. Then you could get a basic knowledge of how well or bad the clothing quality is, how fast/slow the shipping time is, and how satisfying/disappointing the customer service is.

Also, you can ask your friends and family about their feeling about these pieces of clothing’s quality, styles, or more.

But doing online business is not about what you and your friends or family like. It is more about what your customers like. What I mean by here is to test if your customer likes your clothing styles or not.

By doing this, you could run an ads campaign and see how people say.

And then you could decide whether or not to wholesale the clothing from that site. In general, you would get a better deal if you order items in bulk, but that really depends on the wholesaler.

Top 76 High-Quality Boutique Wholesale Clothing Suppliers


brands gateway

Brands Gateway is a Europe-based wholesale supplier of luxury brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Parda, Michael Kors, Roberto Cavalli, Gf Ferre, and many more.

You can buy branded clothing here at a wholesale price with no minimum order required. The delivery is fast, but the cost is various.

The discount can be 90% off at most sometimes, meaning you can save more money and make more profit.

And the payment methods like Paypal, Bank transfer are all available.

Once your order is generated, you can get your products between 3-5 days anywhere in the USA.

The Mountain Wholesale Boutique Clothing

The Mountain

The Mountain Clothing, a very definition of “Made in the U.S.A,” has over 200 employees and has been last for 23 years.

They now have more than thousands of designs and 1 million pre-printed apparel mostly made of water-based ink and organic dyes.

If you prefer water-based ink clothing, The Mountain is a great choice.



Wholesale7 is a Chinese fashion clothing store that provides low-price (under $5) wholesale clothing. Numbers of payment methods are accepted, including PayPal, Credit Card, and wire transfer.

They mainly focus on Japanese and Korean-style apparel for kids, women, and men.

Compared with other high fashion wholesale clothing distributors, they target the apparel industry and mainly focus on the American and South African markets.

They allow you to buy items separately and ship the clothing items to your customer directly, meaning that you can choose Wholesale7 as your dropshipping supplier.

You can get a coupon of $5 off once you reach the minimum order of $49. And a universal coupon at 15% off (min order $0) is available now.

It is also one of the best quality wholesale clothing stores with custom logo designs. You can use your own brand/logo on the packaging and label.

They allow you to do this, and if you want to build your brand effect of the boutique, this kind of wholesale supplier is a considerable choice.

You can also download the Wholesale7 APP on your phone and buy it anytime, anywhere.


cc wholesale clothing

Located in Los Angeles, California, this American online clothes store has a history of over ten years and provides wholesale apparel, such as accessories, shoes (both women and men), beauty products, bags, and more.



You can find thousands of cheap but high-quality wholesale items at Alibaba, one of the best dropshipping and a wholesale platform due to its low price.

There are millions of products there, but Alibaba is only responsible for some of their products.

Many small sellers participate in this platform, which means you have to spend money and time testing to find a high-score supplier.



Chinabrands is a wholesale and drop shipping platform from China. They serve 200+ countries and provide boutique clothing, such as swimwear, bags, dress, jewelry, accessories, and more.

Chinabrands is a viable option if you want to buy low-price and high-quality wholesale clothing items.

They update their clothing style regularly, and you can buy low-end or high-end products at a wholesale price, depending on your needs.



You can buy loungewear, dresses, playsuits, blazers, jackets, and other clothing in Parisian.

But you need to buy clothing items at least £10, and you have to pay a 20% tax if you are in the UK or Europe, which might cost you more and decrease your profit.

Unlike other suppliers, you have to pay an extra $20 (at least) for the shipping fee.

Parisian is not your great choice if you are doing a dropshipping business because they only allow you to order products for six or nine packs.



Paperdoll is another great wholesaler for a boutique (but not for dropshipping) that sells clothing, jewelry, handbags, and other clothing.

But keep in mind that you can only buy packs of at least six, and due to this, it’s unavailable for a dropshipping business.

By the way, you can get different sizes once you buy the clothes.

But if you have your physical store or want to start an Amazon FBA business, Paperdoll is a good wholesale supplier.

Wholesale Central

wholesale central

Wholesale Central is not a traditional marketplace. Instead, it is more likely to a wholesaler directory website.

You can find many US suppliers here, and if you find a great wholesale supplier for your boutique, you can contact the wholesale supplier directly without costing any extra fee.

Because Wholesale Central only charges the advertising fees from the suppliers.

The awesome part of this website is that you can find many trade shows and close-out sales that the suppliers provide—another chance to get better deals.

Sugar Lips

sugar lips

Sugar Lips is a US-based manufacturer of women’s clothing. Being the biggest supplier of Macy’s, Urban Outfitters, and other worldwide clothing stores, you can buy high-quality wholesale clothing branded as Sugar Lips.

Though they offer low-price, high-quality women’s clothing, you have no option to brand your clothes, which is the biggest drawback of Sugar Lips.

They do not allow you to buy an item for single pieces, and they will not send the products to your customers.

But if you operate an online or physical store and care about the clothing quality, Sugar Lips is fine.

Bloom Wholesale

Bloom Wholesale

The clothing items of Bloom Wholesale are all made in the USA. Like Wholesale7, you can drop ship your product as they have no minimum orders required.

You can get your clothing like dresses, kimonos, and blouses for the price of under $5. Moreover, you will get free shipping if you order clothing for more than $400.

They also offer great returns and refunds service but will charge %5 as restocking and shipping fees.

LA Showroom

LA Showroom

Combined with both marketplace and wholesale supplier directories, LA Showroom allows you to search the site by brand and purchase clothing for the boutique at a wholesale price.

But you have to test and find a supplier that offers low-price boutique wholesale clothing while not compromising quality.

The clothing provides here is almost above $10. It is more suitable for those whose market is targeting high-end clothing. Some suppliers here also have minimum orders required, but this varies from one supplier to another.

Magnolia Wholesale

Magnolia Wholesale

Magnolia Wholesale provides clothing like swimwear, dresses, suits, and many more. Magnolia Wholesale does not allow you to buy clothes for a single piece. Thus you can’t use it to drop ship your item.

But the fashion style of Magnolia is updated. You can check this site if you are demanding a trending design.

The shipping fees are varied, depending on where you want to send. And you need to sign up for this site to order the clothing for your boutique.

City Goddess

city goddess

City Goddess is a UK-based wholesaler that has been around for 17 years. You can find hundreds of treading brands and order single pieces of items here.

The shipping fee is not fixed, depending on the location. You can place your order and check out with Paypal, bank transfer, or direct credit cards.



Indiamart is an India-based wholesaler that allows you to buy wholesale clothing or drop ship your items.

This is an opening website that allows you to either sell or buy boutique wholesale clothing here, as well as placing ads.

If you want to buy clothing, you can find many kinds of clothing made of sarongs or textile fabrics.

Pink Tree

Pink Tree

If you want to own your inventory and sell products in your Shopify store or Amazon FBA, you should check Pink Tree out.

Pink Tree is a wholesaler that mainly focuses on fashion items, including dresses, accessories, leggings, swimwear, and much more available for kids, men, and women.

But you cannot order a single piece of clothing here.

Emma Cloth

Emma Cloth

You can use Emma Cloth as a dropshipping supplier. You can get your first order at $15 off. The products provided here are various while fashionable.

You need to create an account and get approved before you can place an order. There are three days available for you to handle the package before it is finally shipped, but meaning that you have to wait 3 days more.

Various payment methods are acceptable, including direct credit card, Paypal, and more.

Jelly Bean

jelly bean

Jelly Bean is an online clothing store that is all about fashion. If you want to buy trending clothing like dresses, necklaces, sunglasses, yoga clothing, vest, or more, you should check this out.

It is located in Los Angeles, California, to get your item faster if you are operating an online or physical store in the USA.

Trendy U Fashion

Trendy U Fashion

Trendy U Fashion is a great choice if you prefer the style that Trendy U Fashion provides and own your online store or operating an Amazon FBA business.

Order single piece of the items is unavailable. But you will get free shipping once your order is over $400.

The drawback compared with Bloom Wholesale is that they do not provide refunds, but you will get store credit if you return the item.



You can browse the price and brands if you get an approved account in Tyche.

The clothing design is pretty. Their shipping can vary across the world, and all the clothing will be shipped from California.

If you are in the USA, you can enjoy a faster shipping time than in other countries.

Andrea and Leo


If your boutique sells gowns and evening wear, then Andrea and Leo (also known as AL) are your best choice.

But you have to sign up to see further information like the prices, shipping fee, and so on.

All the clothing will be shipped from California.

Wholesale Trendy – Tasha

Wholesale Trendy – Tasha

Tasha is a US-based wholesale clothing store for a boutique. It is also a great place for a dropshipping business.

They offer clothing like dresses, outfits, summer wear, collections, accessories, and plus-size clothing. You will get free shipping once your order reaches the minimum order of $300.

It is also a wholesale supplier that offers tracking numbers and refunds.

Cotton Bleu

Cotton Bleu, a wholesale seller of women’s clothing, was founded in 1998 in Los Angeles, California. They have a variety of trendy products in stock that are both casual and stylish. Cotton Bleu could be a suitable alternative for you if your end clients are looking for simple everyday products with a contemporary twist.

Cotton Bleu’s shipping prices are mostly determined by the delivery method chosen. In terms of their return policy, they will accept merchandise returns with prior authorization, which you must get by contacting them.

Southern Grace Wholesale

Southern Grace Wholesale, based in Carrollton, Texas, works with manufacturers and supplies brick and store and online shops with women’s clothing and accessories from a variety of brands. In reality, you may purchase clothing from five different companies that belong under the Southern Grace Wholesale umbrella. Because the company concentrates on locally produced goods, it exclusively sells its own brands.

Returns are available if the goods are defective, and the purchaser must return them within 48 hours after receipt. Furthermore, if a product is returned due to a change of mind rather than damage, a 15% restocking fee will be charged.

Kids’ Dream

Kids’ Dream is another wholesale clothing company that specializes in children’s clothing. This company specializes in beautiful and formal children’s clothing, such as dresses, gowns, and accessories. On important occasions, children, like adults, dress in more formal and exquisite attire, which is exactly what this provider had in mind when founding the company.

Based in Los Angeles, California, Kids’ Dream provides delivery services to any area in the United States. Their minimum order size per shipping is 6 pieces, and they deliver within 1-3 business days.


At Mystree, you may buy women’s clothing in quantity with lace, patterns, and ruffles. Mystree might be your wholesale seller if you’re targeting ladies who often buy fashion goods with similar patterns.

The company’s website does not provide detailed information on shipping, delivery, or product returns. As a result, if you have any more inquiries regarding their services, you must contact them directly.

Zenana Wholesale

Zenana Wholesale is based in Los Angeles, California, but collaborates with a variety of manufacturers in other countries to manufacture clothing. This wholesale company focuses on fabrics and pricing, offering high-quality clothing at reasonable costs. Zenana Wholesale offers both normal and expedited shipping options based on the package’s location, size, and weight.

Alanic Clothing

Alanic Clothing specializes in women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing. The company, which is based in Los Angeles, makes wholesale clothing for all genders and sizes.

Alanic Clothing is notable for the breadth of its product offering, which includes everyday, sports, and fitness clothing. Alanic Clothing also offers the option of creating bespoke private label clothing. Finally, they provide wholesale services to corporate merchants or individual bulk customers who purchase beautiful or comfortable clothing in large quantities.


Gilli has been a wholesale provider of women’s clothing since it was founded in 2008. The company offers a wide range of clothing options, including dresses, shirts, bottoms, and outerwear. This clothing wholesaler allows return requests within 14 days after delivery, and it takes them 1-5 business days to review and approve or deny the request once they get it.

Flying Monkey

Flying Monkey is a wholesale clothing provider for women’s clothing, focusing on simple but stylish pieces. The clothing of Flying Monkey is dominated by simple patterns and monochrome hues.

Based in Pico Rivera, California, this wholesaler employs UPS to deliver all orders within the United States. Their return policy allows for product claims to be made within 12 days after purchase and is in the form of money.

Esley Collection

Esley Collection, founded in 2007, is another wholesaler of women’s clothing and accessories. The company creates and sells fashionable clothing with a refined edge. Esley Collection offers dresses, shirts, bottoms, and even personal care products. Delivery rates vary based on the number of units ordered, so you can expect to spend anywhere from $1.20 to $2.50 shipping to any place in the United States.

Aiden’s Corner

Aiden’s Corner is a wholesale clothing company recognized for its handcrafted baby items produced from high-quality fabrics and gentle designs on babies’ delicate skin. Wholesale sales are available from this baby apparel and accessory provider. They do, however, have a stringent policy prohibiting wholesale customers from reselling their items on Amazon.

As a result, Aiden’s Corner is a wonderful option if you want to start your own internet business selling handcrafted baby goods. Aiden’s Corner, a family-owned business, is fast gaining traction, and boutiques from all over the United States have already established long-term partnerships with the company.

En Creme

En Creme, based in Los Angeles, is another women’s clothing distributor. En Creme’s clothing is influenced by California’s bohemian feel, as the name suggests. Casual, laid-back, and effortless style characterizes the clothing they provide.

En Creme is a supplier worth considering if you wish to introduce California’s bohemian flair to your business. When it comes to shipping and return policies, they use USPS to ship inside the United States and only accept returns in the event of damaged items.

Denim Manufacturing

This is a wholesale clothing seller based in the United States that specializes in producing and marketing denim. Denim Manufacturing has the advantage of offering high-quality denim at low minimums, fair costs, and rapid delivery. In other words, it is because of this benefit that they are among the best wholesale boutique clothing suppliers.

In 2016, Mex Apparel began creating private-label clothing for newbie clothing stores with a low minimum order quantity. Above all, their clothing is manufactured entirely in the United States, and they prefer to maintain it that way. As a result, they have a fantastic minimum order requirement. Theirs are limited to only 12 items, making it ideal for tiny stores to begin with.

Lush Clothing

Lush Clothing offers a diverse selection of wholesale women’s clothing, ranging from exquisite dresses and adorable tops to things with flower, lace, and bohemian designs for every occasion. Based in Los Angeles, California, Lush Clothing has been selling wholesale clothing for more than a decade.

Lush Clothing utilizes UPS Ground to send its wholesale goods, and all purchases must be sent to a legitimate address inside the United States. Furthermore, refunds must be performed within 14 days after delivery.


Umgee creates wholesale clothing for women of all sizes and ages, inspired by the comfort of everyday life. Their designs contain vibrant hues that may be worn on any given day and for any occasion.

Apart from standard sizes, Umgee also has a range of plus-size clothing. You may make a wholesale purchase at Umgee if your objective targets ladies who wear plus-size clothing.


Because it is a wholesaler that specializes in women’s clothing with urban and modern notes, BLVD joins the list of the finest wholesale clothing providers in the United States. Dresses, bodysuits, jumpsuits, jackets, and denim wear are among the items offered by the company.

Their collections, they say, are composed of high-quality fabrics and materials and are aimed at girls and women who wish to express themselves via their clothing. Finally, BLVD offers UPS delivery, with fees varying depending on item weight and final destination.

Hailey & Co.

Hailey & Co. is a wholesale clothing provider that proudly displays the “Made in the USA” mark on their clothing range. According to their official website, 80 percent of their clothing is made in the United States. The clothing of Hailey & Co. is mostly designed for ladies who desire modern, wearable designs. Dresses, shirts, skirts, outerwear, and more are available in both normal and sizes.

Several shipping choices are available from Hailey & Co., each with varied arrival timeframes ranging from one to seven business days. They charge restocking fees for goods returns. As a result, if the goods are returned unopened after 7 days, the restocking charge is 10%. The restocking charge would be 20% if the goods were opened and returned after 7 days.

Vervet Denim

Vervet Denim is a wholesale distributor of denim clothing for women based in Pico Rivera, California. Vervet Denim carries a variety of denim clothing, including jeans, shorts, jumpsuits, and jackets, with free delivery on orders over $79.

If you partner with Vervet Denim to sell denim, keep in mind that returns for refund, store credit, or exchange are only permitted after 14 days of delivery.

Corner 123

Corner 123 is based in Los Angeles, California, and ships wholesale clothing orders anywhere in the United States for 2-7 days. Corner 123 sells solely wholesale and women’s clothing. Therefore it’s a good alternative for women’s fashion business owners.

Corner 123 sells women’s clothing at reasonable rates and does not have a minimum order quantity requirement. However, they offer pre-defined sets of 6 pieces from each design, with 2 pieces of each size – S, M, and L – included.

L Love

L Love is the next wholesale clothing provider on the list for selling B2B clothing. This Los Angeles-based retailer offers fashionable women’s clothing at reasonable costs. To shop at L Love, you must first register an account using your company’s name and then place an order.

UPS and FedEx are two of their shipping options, with delivery dates ranging from one to seven days in the United States. Only with a previously completed and authorized permission form is it possible to return a product (AR).

Davi & Dani

Davi & Dani specializes in wholesale women’s clothing, especially dresses, jumpsuits, outerwear, bottoms, tops, and plus size, and is inspired by the modern and fashionable lady. The wholesale seller, which was formed in 2014 in Los Angeles, California, now serves a variety of boutiques with its wholesale offerings.

Davi & Dani is committed to providing excellent customer service. Thus we welcome product returns as long as they are made within 7 days of arrival.


Andree provides women’s clothing styles that are warm and dreamy, inspired by the antique style. Since its inception in 2009, the company has been supplying boutiques and online retailers with wholesale women’s clothing.

Andree’s shipping timeframes are determined on the location, and the courier is chosen – UPS or FedEx for all US areas. Furthermore, shipping prices vary based on the size and weight of the item.

Heart and Hips

Heart and Hips is another provider that specializes in wholesale women’s clothing. The wholesaler, which was founded in 1987 in Los Angeles, specializes in casual apparel – basic shirts and bottoms in monochrome color palettes.

Their terms and conditions include that orders must be shipped through UPS Ground within 3-7 business days and that products can only be returned for store credit or merchandise exchange.

Juliet Dresses

Juliet Dresses is a wholesale clothing provider you should consider if you want to stock your business with formal attire. They have a large selection of exquisite formal dresses and gowns for both ladies and girls. Juliet Dresses has a vast range of styles for whichever occasion your female customers are shopping for – prom, wedding, or a party.

According to the company’s official website, all wholesale orders are final unless there are product faults. Items must be returned within 14 days in these situations in order for the return to be approved.

Pol Clothing

Pol Clothing, based in Vernon, California, is a wholesale clothing provider that specializes in casual wear, activewear, and transitional wear. If you wish to work with Pol Clothing, your first order will be delivered free of charge if you live in the United States.

They also have various limitations for returns approval, such as requiring you to contact them first to obtain authorization for a full refund or shop credit.

Doe & Rae

Doe & Rae is a wholesale clothing company dedicated to providing loungewear and curve wear to every lady. Doe & Rae should be your first stop if you want to update your store’s selection with items for curvy ladies. If you want to buy anything before it’s officially released, Doe & Rae provides a pre-order option.

If the products were not used and were returned in their original packaging, Doe & Rae allows returns within 10 days of purchase.

Bailey’s Blossoms

Bailey’s Blossoms was created in 2009 by a mother of six who was inspired to develop hair accessories for girls by her first child. The tale began in Arizona, Texas, and soon developed into a children’s clothing and accessory company. Bailey’s Blossoms now focuses on developing wholesale clothing and accessories for both girls and boys and ladies.

You’ll need a valid Business Registration License and Tax Resale Certificate to work with this wholesale provider of children’s clothing and accessories. Bailey’s Blossoms provides a 30-day return policy for goods that were defective throughout the production process.

She + Sky

She + Sky is yet another women’s wholesale clothing company. The company is based in Los Angeles, California, and ships to any place in the United States, with shipping charges varying depending on the package’s weight and location.

Their wholesale service works on the basis of pre-based bulk bundles of six goods that are based on style or color. They don’t make any adjustments to their pre-selected bundles and don’t have a minimum order quantity.


Mudpie sells wholesale clothing for babies and women, as well as home decor and accessories. You may apply to become a Mudpie retailer by filling out a wholesale application and waiting for their approval.

Mudpie offers a 10-day return policy from the date of delivery and is willing to examine and accept a return if it meets their standards. Overall, the company might be an excellent fit for anybody looking to partner with a women’s and children’s clothing distributor based in the United States.

Carol & Chris

Chris & Carol is another wholesale clothing company that makes its goods in the United States. Chris & Carol clothing is designed and manufactured in Vernon, California. This is the place to start if you want to offer high-quality boutique wholesale clothing from a family-owned company.

Customers may choose from a variety of alternatives at this clothes wholesaler. They specialize in bespoke ratios, private label labels, and unique patterns and designs. And it’s all done in-house. Finally, they include clothing for women and children, including pregnancy and plus-size options. If you wish to sell maternity apparel, Chris & Carol, one of the clothing sellers for boutiques mentioned here, will provide you with fantastic selections.

MIO Wholesale

Check out MIO Wholesale if you’re searching for a clothing provider that caters to ladies of all ages and sizes. Their clothing selection caters to both younger and older female customers. MIO Wholesale has a wide selection of clothing and accessories, from dresses and shirts to leggings and coats.

They provide free shipping for purchases over $500, and they accept returns within 5 days after the delivery date, but only if they are unused, unwashed, and in their original packing and tags.


Timing is another source to look at if you’re looking to offer women’s wholesale clothing with a casual vibe marked by bright and vivid designs. They exclusively offer wholesale clothing and have a $50 minimum order amount. They only ship by FedEx. However, they are open to change couriers to meet the demands and requirements of their wholesale customers.

Returns without previous warning are not permitted, according to their return policy. They also offer a 7-day return policy, so any items returned will not be accepted after that time. Finally, because cash refunds are not feasible, you will get a shop credit if your return request is approved.

Mono B

If you want to establish an online business focusing on sportswear, keep in mind that there aren’t many clothing sellers for stores that specialize in this area. Mono B Apparel’s dedication to offering functional lifestyle activewear earned it a spot on the list of top good quality boutique clothing suppliers.

Mono B has evolved into a fashion brand in less than a decade as a proud producer and wholesale boutique clothing distributor of fitness and leisurewear. In a nutshell, they provide a wide range of high-quality fitness gear for both men and women at reasonable costs. Mono B Clothing is the ideal wholesale clothing provider for sportswear because of this.


Judson brings together wholesale women’s casual and home clothing. Judson was founded in 1989 as a family-owned business in Alabama, United States. It began as a company that sold timepieces and has now expanded to include all sorts of clothing and accessories for women.

FedEx and UPS deliver their items, and shipping fees are computed based on the package’s size and weight. If your order totals $500 or more, you will receive free delivery.

Little Threads

Little Threads has been developing and manufacturing colorful and quirky designs for children’s clothing since 2006. If you want to work in the children’s clothing sector, Little Threads provides a large range of products for boys and girls for all occasions, including vacation attire.

The company offers a 21-day return policy from the date of delivery. Their terms for accepting returns and issuing refunds include the item being returned in the original bag and with the original tags, and they only accept returns on sale goods if the item is defective.


Sugarlips is a wholesale clothing company that focuses on women’s clothing and is based in Los Angeles, California. Sugarlips has a large selection of women’s clothing, ranging from dresses and tops to jumpsuits, rompers, and outerwear.

Sugarlips has a design staff that works tirelessly to provide unique looks for its retail clients. When it comes to shipping wholesale orders, if your company is based in the United States or Canada and you place an order worth more than $500, you will receive free delivery. Aside from that, they have a variety of regular and expedited delivery choices.

Good Stuff Apparel

What makes this wholesale boutique vendor so special that we choose to include it in our list of the best wholesale boutique clothing suppliers? To begin, new clients receive a 10% discount on their first order. They also offer certain of their items for 75% less than wholesale. They give free delivery at any cost for clothing stores based in the United States, and you will obtain a full refund if you are dissatisfied with any goods. Another benefit is that they provide clothing for women and children in all sizes, including plus-size.

Good Stuff Apparel purchases clothing from a range of U.S. manufacturers and sells it at a loss. They also never fail to delight their consumers with special deals, discounts, and new arrivals, which they announce twice a week. Good Stuff Apparel is one of the clothing sellers for shops that are liberal with their return and refund policies.


Nikibiki is another wholesale boutique clothing provider that caters to ladies. Nikibiki is the perfect supplier for shops that concentrate on offering essentials for everyday wear, thanks to their distinctive shirts and leggings. Leggings, dresses, shirts, and bodysuits are all part of their assortment.

Nikibiki, based in Los Angeles, California, is known for producing wholesale boutique clothing that is “Made in the USA.” To put it another way, this wholesale boutique supplier makes all of its items in-house from soft, lightweight materials. Furthermore, they allow tiny and medium shops to place bespoke orders, so if you’re just getting started, take advantage of this chance.


Cherish focuses on the youthful fashion industry, offering women’s dresses, shirts, slacks, and skirts for young girls who enjoy casual and comfy everyday wear. This wholesaler, based in Los Angeles, California, offers free delivery on orders of $500 or more, but only inside the United States. Cherish, like many of the other wholesale clothing suppliers on our list, only takes returns in the form of store credit or exchange.

Orange Shine

Because it is yet another producer of high-quality boutique wholesale clothing based in the United States, Orange Shine joins the club of good quality wholesale boutique clothing providers.

The company’s concept is what sets Orange Shine distinct from the other clothing sellers for shops on our list. They devote their efforts to aiding children in need, in addition to supplying boutique owners with women’s and men’s clothing. Orange Shine, for example, creates children’s t-shirts as a contribution to youngsters living in impoverished nations. Don’t hesitate to make Orange Shine your wholesale boutique clothing supplier if you want to be a part of such a cause.

Grand Sierra

Are you looking for a winter clothing and accessory wholesale supplier? Men, women, and children may all benefit from Grand Sierra’s winter fashion clothing.

Grand Sierra is based in St. Louis, Missouri, and ships across the United States. They also accept product returns, but you must first fill out and submit a form on their website for a review.

ALL USA Clothing

All USA Clothing is another one of the best wholesale boutique suppliers in the United States. The name itself is self-explanatory. This is a traditional clothing store in the United States. They are well-known for their motto, “100% Made in the USA,” which they have proudly promoted for more than 45 years.

ALL USA Clothing provides wholesale boutique clothing for men, women, and children to a variety of businesses and organizations. They are dedicated to providing high-quality, unique American wholesale clothing at low wholesale rates.

Glam Apparel

Glam Apparel, a family-owned firm based in Los Angeles, California, prides itself on offering fashionable yet comfortable clothing. Women’s dresses, bottoms, tops, rompers, and jumpsuits are available in wholesale quantities.

Claims for damaged or defective items must be notified within 5 days of the products being delivered. Otherwise, the return will not be permitted or accepted. In addition, prior written clearance is required before the return may be permitted.

Love In

Love In creates fashionable and comfortable women’s clothing with the purpose of inspiring people to feel confident in their own skin. They provide a diverse collection of clothing for ladies, including comfortable dresses, rompers, and coats.

Love In is another clothing wholesaler based in Los Angeles, California, that offers local and worldwide shipping. Returns are permitted only if you agree to accept an exchange or store credit; otherwise, you will not be allowed to return an item.


Privy is another women’s clothing wholesaler based in the United States. Tops, dresses, jumpsuits, outerwear, and other items are supplied to various online retailers and boutiques by the company, which is both a manufacturer and a distributor.

Privy sends all purchases by UPS from Los Angeles, California, and they arrive in 1-5 business days, depending on the UPS option selected.

American Bazi

American Bazi specializes in women’s denim clothing and offers stylish denim fashion items for any occasion. American Bazi features stylish denim jackets, bottoms, jeans, and overalls for ladies in its clothing collection.

This is another wholesaler with headquarters in Los Angeles, California, but customer service in Montebello, California. American Bazi distributes their denim goods to any area in the United States from their warehouse. However, their website does not offer information regarding charges and times, which is a drawback for people who need this information right immediately.

Fashion Couture Wholesale

Wholesale Fashion Couture is another wholesaler on the list of the best wholesale boutique clothing suppliers in the United States. Wholesale Fashion Couture, based in Los Angeles, California, sells women’s clothing in both regular and plus sizes to wholesale clients. For purchases under $300, their assortment of dresses, shirts, and bottoms is sent for $9.99 inside the United States. Free delivery is also offered for orders over $300, so if you’re ordering in bulk, you can save money on postage.

Finally, their return policy allows products to be returned within 14 days after delivery, but only if they are unworn and still in their original packing. They also offer to pay for postage in the event that an item is returned due to their fault.

Hello Miz

Why did we include Hello Miz in our list of wholesale clothing suppliers? Because it sells maternity clothing, which is something that many women need at some point in their life. If your target market involves pregnant ladies, Hello Miz is a distributor you should consider dealing with. They provide a large selection of maternity clothing, including dresses, shirts, and bottoms, as well as nursing clothing.

Hello Miz is based in Vernon, California, and all orders over $50 receive free shipping. If the items are returned within 20 days after delivery, they can get a refund on their wholesale purchases.

Magnolia Wholesale

Magnolia Wholesale is a clothing wholesaler worth noting on our list since it offers rapid USPS delivery across the whole US territory in 2-3 business days, as well as expedited DHL shipping to over 80 countries. Magnolia Wholesale’s stylish women’s clothing is one of the things that makes them stand out as a wholesaler.

The company is based in Miami, Florida, and has been selling wholesale boutique clothing for more than four years. One disadvantage of their wholesale service is their rigorous return policy, which permits only broken items to be returned.

Southern Bliss Wholesale

Southern Bliss Wholesale, based in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, is a wholesale clothing provider with an unusual condition that has yet to be found in any of the above-mentioned suppliers.

They only sell wholesale clothing to companies that have been in operation for at least three months. As a result, if you are a novice who is just getting started, you may bypass this supplier. They sell clothing that is printed in-house, and every piece is screen printed, according to their website.

E. Luna

Another women’s clothing distributor based in the fashion capital of the world, Los Angeles, California. E. Luna specializes in jumpsuits, dresses, shirts, and bottoms, among other things. In addition, their wholesale clothing collection includes sweaters and coats.

E. Luna takes 1-3 days to complete orders regardless of location when it comes to shipping and delivery. If you want to return a shipment, be sure to file a claim within two business days of receiving it.

Blu Pepper

Blu Pepper Blu Pepper’s wholesale line of women’s clothing, which is offered in quantity, features pastel and vibrant color palette. Blu Pepper’s customers are laid-back women with a penchant for bohemian chic. As a result, if this is the demographic you want to attract, Blu Pepper might be your best option.

Blu Pepper offers a seven-day return policy that allows you to return an item if it hasn’t been used or washed. You will, however, be required to submit a document for authorization from their side in order for the refund to be completed in each situation.

Fashion Domino

Clothing, shoes, purses, accessories, and cosmetics are among the many categories of women’s fashion offered by this wholesale fashion provider. You might look at what Fashion Domino has to offer if you specialize in clothing and want to branch out into cosmetics, accessories, or even children’s items.

The company, which is based in Los Angeles, California, works with a number of vendors and, as a result, they are unable to provide accurate shipping and delivery schedules and costs. The fees are primarily influenced by the package’s size and weight, as well as the destination and courier.

Katydid Wholesale

Katydid is a wholesaler you should check into if your regular clients are adventurers. Casual clothing with a sports theme dominates their clothing selection. When looking at Katydid’s clothing and accessories, the word “leisure” comes to mind.

They don’t have a minimum order amount. However, their delivery times are slightly longer than those of the other vendors on our list. Each purchase might take up to 5 days to be processed and delivered. Furthermore, their return policy necessitates authorization for goods returns within 3 days after delivery.

Bambini Infant Wear

Bambini Infant Wear comes in second on our list of the finest wholesale clothing suppliers in the United States. If you want to sell clothing for newborns and children, this provider has a lot to offer. Cotton babywear, such as sleepwear, shirts, onesies, and two-piece sets, is supplied to online retailers and boutiques. They also sell blankets and bathroom items.

Bambini Infant Wear ships its items via UPS, FedEx, and the US Mail from its warehouse in Orange County, California. Their shipping charges are calculated once the package’s weight and dimensions are measured, so you won’t know how much it will cost until that happens.

Caroline Hill Wholesale

Caroline Hill Wholesale sells women’s and men’s clothing, accessories, and purses in large quantities. Colorful and whimsical designs define their product line, giving it a young feel. Caroline Hill’s clothing is dominated by floral, leaf, and fruit and vegetable patterns, which may be ordered in a minimum quantity of $100.

The only requirements for working with Caroline Hill Wholesale are that you have a Tax ID number for your brick-and-mortar business or online store and that you register an account on their website.

Tea N Rose

Tea N Rose is a wholesale clothing company that represents young and current trends. The company, which is based in Los Angeles, California, has two fashion brands: Tea N Rose and Orange Creek, the first of which focuses on feminine flair and the latter on boho-chic design.

Their official website lacks more information on their shipping and delivery timeframes, as well as their return policy. As a result, if you wish to pursue this wholesale provider, you’ll need to get in touch with them.

Sadie & Sage

Sadie & Sage’s wholesale clothing collection for women with a casual style is characterized by playful patterns and warm materials. Skirts, dresses, and shirts in a variety of styles are available in quantity for your boutique or online business.

Sadie & Sage provides services both in the United States and overseas. They take 1-3 business days to ship an order once it is ordered.


Hopely sells contemporary clothing for younger ladies on a wholesale basis. This wholesale provider is based in Los Angeles, California, and guarantees delivery within 1-7 business days to all US territories.

When it comes to product returns, they also deal with authorization documents, which is currently an industry standard. Furthermore, products that are not defective are subject to a 30% restocking fee.

Is Boutique Wholesale Clothing from China High-Quality Enough?

Indeed, it is a common concern of most people when it comes to wholesale clothing from China. But on the whole, China is absolutely able to offer high-quality clothing for your boutique store, as long as you find a trusted clothing wholesaler.

China is the world’s factory and makes clothing for most fashion brands such as Gucci, Prada, Givenchy, and others more.

Is it unbelievable? But the truth is: these fashion brands outsource the manufacturing process to lower the cost and get higher quality clothing to sell at a much higher price.

Final Thoughts of Choosing a Boutique Wholesale Clothing Supplier

There are so many clothing suppliers out there and so many factors that you should consider. And you should always do a test before making any decision.

Your goal should be put in the first place. Would you like to focus on profit margins or clothing quality? Or if you are a person who pursuits the trending fashion style?

And if you are operating a dropshipping business, find the store that allows you to order single pieces of product. The price and quality are vital. The lower the price, theoretically, the more profit you will earn.

Finally, test their shipping time and customer service before you buy items in bulk.

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