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Top 24 Best Wholesale Summer Dress Suppliers

The demand for dresses is increasing in the summer. If you are planning to wholesale summer dresses, then you have made a great decision. But you have to keep some tips and practices in mind before starting your business.

In this article, we will walk you through the 24 best wholesale summer dress suppliers in China, the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, and India.

Test and cooperate with one of these world’s first-class summer clothing distributors will bring you a higher chance to boost your summer clothing sales rapidly.

Is Selling Summer Dresses Profitable?

You will find many people buying clothes, dresses from shopping malls and cloth stores in summer.

Selling summer dress is a profitable business, but it is competitive, too. If you do your business smartly, then definitely you will earn a good profit.

First of all, you should pay attention to the quality of the dresses. If you can provide good quality and a variety of products to your customer, then this will increase your sales and earn your word-of-mouth gradually.

The price of the product is the second most important thing. Keep low profit from a product and focus on quantity would be a great start.

If a customer gets a quality product at a low cost, they will buy more, and you will get a massive profit from there.

Also, you will notice a lot of people are running to get the product if you offer a coupon, for example, giving 10% off on all products.

Tips for Wholesale Summer Dresses

If you want to wholesale summer dresses, you have to follow some tips to increase your sales.

1. Always sell quality products at a low price. But I am not telling you to sell with loss. Keep low profits and create a permanent customer base at the beginning level. When you get regular customers, then sell quality products at a reasonable price.

2. Listen to your customers, what type of products they want, their likes, and complain about dresses. Customer-choice products will increase your sales and give you more profit.

3. Buy products from different sources because various type of products attracts the customer. They get a chance to choose better quality products.

Best Wholesale Summer Dress Suppliers in China

1. Wholesale7


Wholesale7 is an online summer dress wholesale store that has been last for 9 years and has more than 100 employees in China.

As a world-leading cheap clothing supplier, you can find your clothing here easily as they offer more than 100,000 clothing items all at wholesale prices, meaning you can earn more profit from Wholesale7.

Wholesale7 does not just provide women’s clothes and accessories. It also has a men’s fashion collection and kids’ apparel collection. There you can buy almost any kind of fashion piece, including dresses, tops, bottoms, coats, shoes, bags, hair wigs, hats, scarves & more.

The whole process of buying wholesale clothing on Wholesale7 is trustworthy and transparent. You find profitable products, order them securely, track them in your dashboard, and get your clothing in time.

If you aren’t satisfied with the product you receive, send their customer service an email or start a live chat with them, they will handle this.

Wholesale7 is a real site as well as a legit company, and you can find other information or third-party reviews on Google.

Read more about Wholesale7 here.

2. Chinabrands

chinabrands - China wholesale brand

Chinabrands is a Chinese wholesaler company that provides dresses and shoes, clothes, beauty products, house accessories, etc.

The company is famous for giving quality products at a cheap price range.

Moreover, their products provide an SEO-friendly description for a better ranking of your websites.

3. Dhgate


Dhgate is also an excellent summer dress vendor from China. The company has varieties of products collection, which is very important for a wholesaler.

The company sells its products at a reasonable price, and its return policy is also easily acceptable. Dhgate can be the right choice for wholesalers to resale their products.

4. Alibaba

Alibaba is the most popular wholesaler company in the world and famous for the uniqueness of its products.

Alibaba sells a great number of quality products at a low price, and you also get an easy return policy as a customer, which provides you an opportunity to grow your business as a wholesaler.

Best Wholesale Summer Dress Suppliers in the USA

1. Dress Head

Dress Head is a wholesaler company noted for its fabulous dresses and is a great place to wholesale summer dresses in bulk. The name of the company is showing mastery of their dressing knowledge.

Quality products, catchy styles, awesome designs are the identity of Dress Head. Also, they provide an easy return policy.

2. Wholesale Central

The company is only for wholesalers and not for retailers. Wholesale Central has a great policy that helps the new wholesalers to start their business.

Wholesale Central has a lot of unique products that sell at a low price but never compromised with the styles and quality. 

3. Rose Wholesale

If you want to source cheap summer dresses online, then Rose Wholesale is another great choice because they have a massive stock for summer dresses.

Also, they keep watching the price of their products and always try to provide wholesalers with a quality product at a reasonable price.

4. Wholesale Fashion Square

Wholesale Fashion Square is a well-known summer dress wholesale company and spread its business across the whole USA. They listen to public demand and always try to provide quality products.

The most charming part of Wholesale Fashion Square is that they have a large number of collections of summer dresses and sell at a very affordable price range.

Best Wholesale Summer Dress Suppliers in the UK

1. City Goddess

City Goddess is a UK wholesale dresses supplier. It was launched in the year 2003. From that day, the company made a huge client base because of its varieties of products collection.

They always listened to market demands and sells quality products to their clients. The company supplies its products worldwide with reasonable deadlines. City Goddess also provides a return policy of 30 days to their clients.

2. Continental Fashion

Continental Fashion is one of the biggest retailers and wholesaler companies in the UK. The company has a massive stock of the products, which is imported and exported worldwide. They develop trending dresses with the best quality and supply to the wholesalers.

The company promised to satisfy its customers, providing premium quality dresses at a reasonable price point. And they achieved success in keeping their promise.

3. Angel Wholesale

Angel Wholesale is a wholesaler company, is especially famous for supplying baby products like toys, clothes, etc. The company sells good quality baby products to the wholesalers at an attractive price.

They deliver their products within 48 hours from their stocks, and their new stocks are added weekly. You can experience satisfying customer service at Angel Wholesale.

4. Missiclothing

Missiclothing is a wholesaler and dresses manufactures company in the UK. They have a dedicated team to manufacture stylish dresses, and they provide a variety of dresses of premium quality.

They provide same-day delivery facilities. And the payment methods accepted by this company include credit cards, PayPal, and other more.

Best Wholesale Summer Dress Suppliers in Canada

1. To Wholesale

To Wholesale is a trusted company that provides great quality summer dresses and delivers its product within the given deadline. When you buy products through their website, you can also get great discounts for buying bulk products.

2. Objects of Desire Fashion

Objects of Desire Fashion is one of the best wholesaler company who knows well about the trending fashion designs. On their website, they change their products season-wise because they have huge stocks of products.

They promise to give quality products to their clients. They sell products at a low cost, and also the shipping fees are low.

3. Alanic Clothing

Alanic Clothing is famous for its sports and fitness clothing in Canada. The workers of Alanic Clothing work 24 hours to spread their business all over the world. The company never compromised on the product quality, designs, and styles, and which is why they are in the top list in Canada.

Alanic Clothing always tries to bring the uniqueness in every dress. The dress designers suggest the best designs to the company, and the company tries to bring the change in the fashion world.

4. Bargains Group

Bargains Group is one of the cheapest wholesale companies in the world. They are on a mission to save lives and that is why they sell products at a very low price to support charities. The clothing they provided will never compromise with product quality.

They have supported many non-profit wholesalers to grow their business and they share business ideas with non-profit wholesalers. 

New stocks of the products come every day. If you are interested, you can check out their products by going to their official website.

Best Wholesale Summer Dress Suppliers in Australia

#1. Visionise

Visionise, founded by Linda Bergskas, provides varieties of designed dresses that attract wholesalers. 

Linda started her work from a small village, and now she travels with her brands worldwide. She has excellent knowledge in designing field. She gained much more experience and worked approx nine years with her fashion brand company before selling.

#2. DNA Manufacturing

DNA Manufacturing is an Australian clothing company run by the owner’s family members. They sell high-quality products. Also, they manufacture and design dresses.

The company always try to help their clients to grow their business. You may be a small businessman; in the company’s eye, all are equal. 

#3. Cash’s Labels

If you want a reliable and oldest garments company to buy wholesale products, then Cash’s Labels is perfect for you. They have spread their business in all over Australia.

Cash’s Labels was started in the year 1840 and has a history of 180 years. It is not too much to say that it is a heritage.

They know about the best designs, the best quality, and sell them at a low price. 

#4. Caryn Luxton Design

Caryn Luxton Design is another great Australian company famous for manufacturing clothes and the uniqueness of their designs. The company has satisfied many clients with their quality products.

The company also provides production grading, sample making, cloth manufacture, etc. They try to convert their designed products into real ones. The company’s workers are very creative and doing hard work to spread their business, too, in the Australian market.

Best Wholesale Summer Dress Suppliers in India

#1. Wholesale Box

Wholesale Box is an Indian wholesale marketplace for wholesalers and retailers. They have a team from IITs, NITs, etc. who work day and night to deliver varieties of designed products to the retailers.

The product quality is superb, and you will get an easy return option also. So, if you are a wholesaler, you can buy products from here and sell them at a reasonable price to get profit.

#2. IndiaMart

IndiaMart is the largest marketplace in India. The company has a 100M+ buyer, 6M+ suppliers, and 65M+ products. No matter if you are a wholesaler, retailer, or individual, you can get the same benefits.

They have instant and secure payment gateway, which instantly success the transaction within a second for urgent cases.

#3. Textile Export

Textile Export is noted for its export services of ready-made garments. Textile Export has vast stocks of catalog that helps you to find out the best designs.

The company ships its product worldwide and they supply superb quality products, and they have varieties of collections.

#4. Shop4Shops

Shop4Shop is an export company from Coimbatore, India. The company only keeps the manufacturing price and sells its products at a very low price. For wholesalers, the company is excellent. They also care about product packaging. 

You will get very secure payment methods to pay online for them. They provide free delivery on orders above 10,000 Rs.


There are many variants available for summer dresses. If you want to succeed in the wholesale business, you can follow the tips provided above. As a wholesaler, you have to choose a trusted supplier who will increase your wholesale business profit.

In this article, I have suggested some wholesaler suppliers worldwide. If you are interested in wholesale summer dresses, then you go for the suppliers mentioned above.

Thank you for reading this article. If you find something important in this article, please share this with those friends who need this. 

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