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How To Wear Long Sleeve Dresses: 10 Stylish Outfit Ideas 

A lot of people think the dresses appear in the hot summer. Once the hot day says goodbye to us, most girls have to give up wearing the beautiful strapless skirt. if you still stick to the stubborn thought, you might be wrong. 

The dresses are not the symbol of the summer. Although the weather in the fall is colder than the summer, you have many choices from dresses too, like the long sleeve dresses. But some girls may get the long sleeve dresses out her shopping list when they go shopping. Why? Because they think the long sleeve skirt seems a little conservative that is not fashionable. As a young and fashion girls, how can we accept it? 

The long sleeve dresses are not fashionable cloth but have so many chances to be fashion. The key to making the type of these dresses more fashionable is to know how to group up with other things that include shoes, bags, or necklaces. 

Especially in the fall, you wear long sleeve dresses that can’t only defend the cold but also keep you looking stylish. If you don’t know how to do, you can continue to read down to know the 10 stylish outfit ideas: 

1、Long Sleeve Animal Printed Bodycon Dress 

The first dress I recommend to you is the bodycon dress. This type of dress has long sleeves and bodycon so that it will completely showing your hot body. And it is easy to group up with other things. 

Long Sleeve Animal Printed Bodycon Dress 

When you wear a bodycon dress, you choose black ankle strap heels and wear big earrings. As long as you do these small and simple details, you will get some amazing effectiveness you never achieve before. 

black heel

2、Off Shoulder Color Block Striped Long Sleeve Dress 

Here is a sexy dress that has the same character as the first one. But I love this one cause its materials are the sweater so that you wear it feeling so soft. Except for it, I also like the dress color that mixes with the black, red, white, green, and so on so that look comfortable. The fall is a season that is a little depression and sadness. In the fall, it is not suitable for us to wear too bright color clothes. So this one will meet our needs right. 

Off Shoulder Color Block Striped Long Sleeve Dress 

Questions about how to match, I thought you can buy an ankle boot that enough. If you think it is so simple, you can get a pointed hat too. Doesn’t this look cute? 

3、Winter Solid Color Long Sleeve Turtleneck Dress 

For those of you who do not like wear the bodycon dress, here is an outfit that is especially for you. That is The Winter Solid Color Long Sleeve Turtleneck Dress. This skirt is made of knitting that is very warm and loose. And you don’t need to worry that you will feel hot when you wear it. Because the length of the skirt is just to the thigh. 

Winter Solid Color Long Sleeve Turtleneck Dress 

I am keen to show my slender leg in every season except for the winter. I will group up with sports shoes or over the knee boots and then wear red shoulder bags, which is enough for fashion. 

4、Loose Ruffle Solid Long Sleeve Dress 

To look like a lady and a princess, I thought you will like the loose ruffle long sleeve dress. This dress is looser than the bodycon dress. The difference between the ruffle dress and the third one is flimsy. 

Loose Ruffle Solid Long Sleeve Dress 

The knitted dress may make you feel a little heavy and hot, but the loose ruffle dress can avoid this problem cause this type of skirt is main in chiffon. The good of chiffon is slight and ventilate. And we can combine with the heel and a knitted hat that is suitable for us going to the high street. 

5、Square Neck Long Sleeve Solid Draped Bodycon Dress 

This skirt is suitable for girls with sexy figures. Its production material is light and breathable chiffon. The designer designed the surface of the skirt in a form of folds instead of the smooth lines in the past. This increased the details of the skirt, making it look more textured. 

Square Neck Long Sleeve Solid Draped Bodycon Dress 

But my favorite design is still on the neckline. It uses a square neckline design to balance the area covered by the long sleeves. It will not make girls look too conservative, but also add a little bit of sexy. When we wear this skirt, the matching is also very simple and convenient. You only need to match a pair of stiletto shoes and a delicate mini bag that is very fashionable. 

a mini bag

6、Stylish Printed Self-Belt Blazer Dress 

The following is my favorite long-sleeved skirt. It just like an extended version of the shirt that the fabric is chiffon. Although this skirt looks larger, the loose size can be worn with a casual style. If you don’t like the skirt to be too big, you can also add a belt to your waist to make it very delicate. 

Stylish Printed Self-Belt Blazer Dress

7、Tie Neck Puff Sleeve Dot Print Midi Dress 

Speaking of long sleeve dresses, we can’t forget the floral long dresses. You have seen a lot of floral skirts on the street, but it is not easy to stand out among so many of the same skirts. The uniqueness of this floral dress is that the shape of the sleeve is like a puff. It looks very fragmented and elegant, which can increase the agility of the skirt rather than look very rigid like most shirt skirts. 

Tie Neck Puff Sleeve Dot Print Midi Dress 

8、Solid v Neck Long Sleeve Bodycon Dress 

Fallen leaves are brown in autumn. In this season, we can’t miss a brown long-sleeved dress in our closet. The first reason I chose this long sleeve dress is its color, which fits the autumn theme. When we wore it, it was amazing simply with a pair of brown boots. If you are afraid of the cold, you can also wear a black windbreaker to keep out the cold. 

Solid v Neck Long Sleeve Bodycon Dress 

9、Ol Style Black Lace Up Long Sleeve Dress 

Ol Style Black Lace Up Long Sleeve Dress is a light mature style. The material of the clothes is a lighter chiffon style, and the highlights of the clothes are mainly on the sleeves. The sleeves are designed in a translucent style, which neither fully exposes the arms nor completely hides them. This design can achieve a looming effect. If you are a mature woman who has just married recently, I suggest you buy a long sleeve dress like this. 

Ol Style Black Lace Up Long Sleeve Dress 

10、Casual Skull Print Long Sleeve T-Shirt Dress 

The last long sleeve dress I want to recommend to you is a sweater dress. Sweater skirt with sneakers or boots is a common match in autumn. It is not too ladylike like other dresses, nor too formal like a shirt dress. It’s a very casual dress. I think every girl should have a dress like this to wear when she is off work. 

Casual Skull Print Long Sleeve T-Shirt Dress 

Although the summer of wearing skirts is gone, we can still find a chance to wear skirts in autumn. As long as you match them, they can be even more eye-catching than summer. Not sure how to choose the perfect long sleeve dresses? you can try to adapt my suggestion.


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