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The Ultimate Guide to the Biggest Fall Fashion Trends 2018

Fall fashion deserves our attention as the summer season close to the end. It is a little easier to see what fashion trends will be adopting in the coming months by focusing on fashion runways and street styles. For example, not long ago, Kim Kardashian wore a neon-green wig matching Lamborghini at the wedding. It’s hard to forecast this will be the next trend or not. If you’ve been confused by various fall fashion trends, check out this ultimate guide to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall in fashion.


The designers cleverly brought the plaid back to the trend and presented a different look than the previous season. Plaids are prominently featured in brands such as Balenciaga, Christian Dior, and Versace. Plaid can be used on almost anything you want to wear, including garments and accessories.


I’ve said that leopard print is making a comeback and no one can stop it. Actually, one of the biggest fall/winter trends of 2018 is the animal print, but it’s not specific to any animals. In addition to leopard print, the zebra prints on the Bottega Veneta coat and Attico boots is also a key item for this trend, along with pythons prints by designers such as Kwaidan Editions and Rochas.

Ⅲ. The 80’S

You can feel that the diversity of 80’s is back in fashion such as the 80’s silhouette of Marc Jacobs. The return of the 80’s styles have been quietly signalled as early as this summer – you must be impressed by Kardashian’s bicycle shorts( Yes, Kardashian again!) And this fall, we will change our minds about shoulder pads, cocktail dresses, acid wash jeans, and neon floral prints.


As one of this season’s most well-known trends that cannot be neglected, the western trend is well represented on catwalks and street style, reminding the time cowboy movies were in vogue. The prairie dresses that perfect fit for cowboy boots are also follow to back to catwalks. whether Fendi, Calvin Klein, or Isabel Marant, they try to show us what America might look like.


There is a lot of sparkles and shine on the runway this season, making us want to open our favorite app Kira Kira. From day wear to evening dresses like disco style, sequins have never rationalized like this season.


Finish reading this fall fashion guide, what fall fashion will you want to bring into your fall wardrobe?


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