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How Should Men Wear Faded Jeans?

In terms of the choice of trousers, the range of men’s pants is much smaller than that of women, especially the types of fashion wear. Ladies can choose super shorts, flared trousers, wide-leg trousers, and other types according to their needs, while boys fashionable trousers have very few choices. Among them, the popular style is faded jeans.

Faded ripped jeans

Faded jeans are a popular item that has emerged in recent years. Before that, men tend to choose the latest styles when choosing pants. And after two or three years of wear, the pants showed obvious signs of depreciation, such as torn or faded. So, the recent outcome of this type of pants is either being discarded or placed in an empty corner to accumulate dust.

Fashionable men wear

But, now is different. As the wearing of faded jeans became a trend. More and more men put faded denim pants in their shopping carts, or take out the expired jeans that have been forgotten in the corner to create new fashion inspiration. So, how should men wear faded jeans?

Wearing faded jeans

Faded Jeans With Short Sleeves

In the hot summer, wide and casual short T-shirts are one of the most popular and common clothing. The short sleeves printed with English letters or graffiti are full of youthful vitality. When the men put it on, it is like returning to a beautiful campus time, making the whole person younger.

Summer Short Sleeve Letter Printed T Shirts

The combination of fashionable T-shirt and jeans is the most basic way to wear in summer. For faded jeans, due to their lighter color, almost light blue, snow white, so I suggest you choose novel white short sleeves and white sneakers.

This kind of collocation is easy to leave a clean and refreshing impression. A streamlined outfit is most needed in summer, rather than a random collocation. It’s easy to look greasy that way.

Faded Jeans With Polo Shirts

Except for the combination of short sleeves and jeans, the combination of polo shirts and faded jeans is also a common summer match. If men want to look more youthful and energetic, short sleeves are naturally the best choice. If men want their appearance to look more mature and stylish, a polo shirt will be a good choice.

polo shirt with faded jeans

Like wide short sleeves, only a strong figure can support clothes. If a thin person wears it, there is a feeling that a child is wearing an adult’s clothes. Polo shirts are mostly tight-fitting styles and do not have too many requirements for the figure. A tight-fitting Polo shirt and tight-fitting jeans are undoubtedly suitable. Even if you are thin, you look very strong and full of masculine power.

Faded Jeans With Sweater

Like jeans, young and energetic sweaters are a classic choice for trend matching. Many fashion sweaters have distinctive features such as soft fabrics, well-fitting tailoring, and unruly style, which are easy to highlight personal characteristics.

White Casual Sweater With Cap

The white hooded sweater in a variety of colors has a stylish and individual appearance. Jeans and can have casual, young, vibrant, and fashionable styles at the same time.

Landscape Printed Long Sleeve Men Pullover Hoodie

Pink Casual Sweater

Most men are very resistant to a series of pink products. But the combination of a pink casual sweater and faded jeans is a must. In addition to giving men a sense of fashion, this kind of collocation will also add a bit of gentleness, and friendly temperament, so that the characteristics of men’s fortitude are not so obvious.

Pink casual sweater

If your personality is not a strong type of person, I think you can try to dig the following pink clothes and light-colored jeans matching skills.

Faded Jeans With Dark Denim Tops

In life, the best way to avoid rigid outfits is to compare colors. For example, the combination of white short sleeves and white pants has too much white space, and the combination is too rigid, so it is easy to fall into stereotypes if you are not careful. Conversely, white short-sleeved and black jeans are not easy to make mistakes. Thus, faded jeans can also be matched with dark denim tops.

Faded jeans with a dark denim top

On the one hand, dark denim tops are all products of the jeans series, belonging to the same style. On the other hand, the combination of dark and faded denim fabrics has obvious differences and contrast, and will not give people a boring feeling. If you really like the denim series of products, you can try this style of dressing technique.

Faded Jeans With Soft Knitted Sweaters

When autumn and winter arrive, knitted sweaters are one of the indispensable fashion items in the closet. But, so many men do not make good use of sweaters this fashion item. Because some people just treat it as warm innerwear, rather than playing a fashionable style. How can warm and comfortable knitted sweaters look fashionable? Of course, it is matched with faded jeans.

faded Jeans with sweater

The combination of dark sweaters such as black or navy blue and faded denim pants that are almost white is a very popular dressing technique, and it will not be out of date for a few years. Whether it is adding a white shirt to the sweater or putting on a long coat outside, this combination is very good.

Faded Jeans With Leather Jacket

In addition to sweaters, T-shirts, and other clothes, what else can faded denim pants match? We have another option, which is a short leather jacket. For leather lovers, the matching dress we most often use is black tight pants, so a black dress looks cool.

Faded jeans with leather jacket

Whether it is for oneself or for others, wearing a black outfit for a long time is prone to visual fatigue. If you use faded jeans instead of black leather pants to create a contrast between dark and light colors, this outfit is more fashionable.

In general, the matching clothing of faded jeans is not only white short-sleeved clothing but also includes sweaters, polo shirts, leather clothing, and other clothing. As long as you dare to try and explore the breadth of fashion, it will bring you many surprises. If you want to learn more about men’s wear tips, you can also click here.


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