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Happy Halloween Party: Fashion Costumes Big Sale

What is particularly exciting is that Halloween is close, I have shared the idea of fashion Halloween costumes, letting you stand out on a long-awaited night. Where do you find your look? Don’t worry, Wholesale7’s latest Halloween event can alleviate your concerns. In addition to the rich styles, big discounts are also attractive enough.

1、Pirate Costumes

Those who have seen Pirates of the Caribbean will love Captain Jack, and they are funny. I will cosplay the captain Jack again this Halloween.

2、Devil & Vampire

Halloween night is a spooky night. The street will be full of all kinds of devil & vampire of the night. If you want to dress up as a devil or vampire, a black robe eerie costumes or bloody and scruffy outfit is a must.

3、Fairy Tale

Who is not a princess yet? Every girl has a princess dream! And dream of wearing beautiful clothes like a princess in a fairy tale. Snow White, Mermaid Princess, Cinderella… These most famous characters are also the easiest to imitate. If you don’t want to spend too much time dressing up or just aren’t into dressing up, choose a princess dress and make a princess on Halloween night.


Finally, add some Halloween decoration to make the whole style closer to the prototype, to achieve the effect you want, or to exceed your expectations.

Pink Cheeks Smiling Mask / Sexy Single Eye Lace Mask

You can find these Halloween costumes and decorations on the W7. This way you can spend more time with some Halloween makeup to complete your makeup because your ensemble is complete.

It is not appropriate to stay at home for Halloween. It’s time to let the devil in your heart go out for a little trick or treats. The Halloween party at Wholesale7 will feature joy, surprise, excitement, and fun. In addition to clothing, all kinds of wigs can be dressed as you want. Whisper in your ear: There will be a relative discount and gift packs when you win the Halloween game. Come join this party!

Ready For Halloween Party



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