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Get Exclusive Deals (up to 25% off) on the Wholeasle7 App

Wholesale7 is a cheap online clothing supplier in China. It offers more than 500,000 products for selling internationally. And most of their products are made in China and have competitive prices to other marketplaces. The Wholesale7 app allows you to find the best deals from millions of Chinese wholesale suppliers directly on your iPhone or iPad! With this new free mobile shopping app that provides advanced functions beyond simple product searching, you can browse products quickly and easily.

Wholesale7 APP

You can chat with sellers directly through the App for fast response, and all the financial transactions will be made through the Escrow system to ensure buyers’ priority. Also, Wholesale7 has integrated Qr code payment scanning, and you can use your WeChat to pay for products.

To take the lead in this industry, Wholesale7 has established a strong team of professional developers and designers to ensure that our users have a smooth experience with our app. Our goal is always to provide high-quality Chinese wholesale products on time at a competitive price.

You will also get exclusive deals (up to 25% off) on the Wholeasle7 App.  No matter if you are a fashion designer, wholesaler, retailer, reseller, or just discover this industry for the first time, Wholesale7 will be your best choice! Improve your business by finding amazing products in China at wholesale prices with our app. Get started today and experience it yourself – download it free on the App store now!

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