Best Korean Wholesale Clothing Suppliers
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11 Best Korean Fashion Wholesale Clothing Suppliers

The wholesale clothing industry is becoming popular in the USA, and if you want to operate your clothing business, the first thing you need to do is to find the right supplier.

Although this process is important, it is also tedious, even annoying. You have to test many suppliers and then can find a wholesale supplier to provide you high-quality clothing at a great price.

Even you have engaged in the Korean clothing wholesale market for years, this will be difficult and challenging. No to mention a newbie.

That is why we create this post. We gather necessary information about the 11 best Korean wholesale clothing suppliers, in hopes of providing you some insights into your decision.

1. Apm-Wholesale 2. Kooding 3. Wholesale7 4. Chinabrands
5. 6. 7. 8.
9. Yuki Wholesale Clothing 10. Sthsweet 11. Okvit

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Challenges in Korean Clothing Wholesale Market

Difficulties and challenges exist in all businesses, so does Korean wholesale clothing.

If you are going to operate a wholesale clothing business, these are some challenges you may go through:

  • It is difficult to find a cheap Korean clothing store that provides you qualified clothing.
  • And as we knew that most suppliers use dollars as a transaction, so it may have difficulties in doing business by using Won.
  • If you want to sell your clothing to Korean, it is hard to find an online store that ships your items to Korean, even they do, they will charge you a high shipping fee, thus reduce your profit margins.
  • And the shipping time will take longer as most of them don’t have a warehouse in Korea.
  • If you are new to the wholesale industry, you have to spend more time on marketing to get your clients.
  • You need to test various marketing strategies to find out the one that earns you the most, which in turn, you have to spend more money on it.

What Factors to Consider When Starting a Korean Wholesale Clothing Store?

Knowing these difficulties will make you have a better insight into starting a Korean wholesale clothing business.

Most clothing store owners are good at clothing fashions and trends. However, when it comes to finding a Korean apparel supplier, they are less experienced.

Find the right wholesale supplier is the most important part of your business, it will make or break your business. There are certain factors you should consider:

#1. Niche Down or Go Broad?

You want to sell a single product (like fur slides, swimwear, blouse) or sell all of them? But you should never decide based on what you like, instead, based on what your customers like.

Once you make your decision, the following thing is to find your distributors. And we listed the 11 best Korean wholesale clothing distributors below.

#2. Contact Your Distributor/Supplier

There are so many distributors out there and you can find their contact information easily. By contacting them, you will get the list and some basic information about the suppliers.

It is also a great opportunity to build a some-degree relationship with your supplier.

#3. Do Thorough Research

How well do you know about the suppliers?

It is also vital for you to do thorough research and make a comparison and test their clothing quality, shipping time if necessary.

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Top 11 Best Korean Wholesale Clothing Suppliers

#1. Apm-Wholesale

apm-wholesale korean fashion clothing store

Apm-Wholesale is a wholesale supplier that has quite great reviews and most customers are satisfied with their clothing quality.

They offer high-quality women’s fashion clothing at an affordable price.

You can place your order online on their website, but you can also go to their mall in Korea.

As one of the best Korean clothing distributor, Apm-Wholesale is trustworthy, and you can use payment methods like telephone marketing, mobile banking, electronic money payment, credit card to pay your order without risk.

But after you order their Korean style wholesale clothing, you may wait a few days (1-7 days outside Korea, 1-3 days within Korea) to receive your clothing items.

#2. Kooding

Kooding is an online store that provides Korean fashion clothing, in the hopes of providing you with new lifestyle product.

You will find very stylish clothing at Kooding that you cannot find anywhere else. They now serve over 100 countries all over the world

You will get high-quality clothing made of soft and breathable material as you expected.

Also, they provide excellent responsive email support so you can get help in time.

For those who care about the shipping time, Kooding is an excellent choice. Your items will arrive in a few days once you placed your order.

#3. Wholesale7

wholesale7 (W7) is a wholesale clothing online store that mainly focuses on selling Korean and Japanese fashion clothing, including dresses, bags, accessories, and many more for women and kids.

You will get high-quality Korean fashion clothing at a wholesale price. Moreover, you can get a great deal (up to 85% off, or get the fifth item for free) if you buy Korean wholesale clothing in bulk.

You can save 30% shipping fee and enjoy a 7% discount on the clothing if you order your items for the first time.

The best thing about W7 is that they allow you to order items by a single piece and offer you a custom logo printing service. Read more about Wholesale7 here.

#4. Chinabrands


As one of the leading China-based wholesale suppliers, Chinabrands have customers from over 200 countries all over the world.

You can find a full range of products in Chinabrands, including shoes, clothing items for women, men, and kind, 3C products, home decor, jewelry, and many more.

The price of the products is reasonable and you can find full categories of products covering low-end to high-end that also will leave you large profit margins.

You will earn your CB points (a credit that can be used for payment) once you purchase something in Chinabrands. But you have to register on this site so that you can start shopping.

You will get a great deal if you buy things in bulk, meaning that you will earn more profits.

If you are running an online store, you will get SEO-optimized product descriptions so that you can upload to your store or other platforms.

Not only you will save a lot of time, but also you will rank better thus get more traffic and more sales.

Unlike other third-party platforms that you may run a higher risk of choosing a poor product supplier, Chinabrands have a professional QC team to ensure the product quality so you will enjoy a better service.


Koreanfasionista is another great choice for you to source your fashion items.

No matter what kind of business you are operating, wholesaler, retailer, or physical store owner, you can buy your fashion Korean clothing from at a wholesale price.

Various payment methods are available on this site, including PayPal, Western union, money gram, bank transfer. It is of great convenience for overseas buyers.

Your items will ship out in time as they take good care of the logistics and they have a better responsive inventory.


If you want to find quality fashion trending clothing for kids and women, is another great platform.

They are a trusted supplier and own a good reputation in Korean wholesale clothing.

You can find various choices from them as they have many brands on their platform, which update the latest and trending fashion clothing regularly.

Typically, if you are outside Korea, you may need to wait for 3 to 4 days to get your items.

They provide excellent customer service and thanks to this, their customers are happy with this company.

But the responsiveness of their inventory could be better. Their clothing often runs out of stock and if this happens, you have to wait for restocking.

#7. is another fashion wholesale platform that you can buy affordable clothing items.

They promote Korean fashion and put Korea on the international map as Korean clothing fashion.

They will take care of the logistics once you place your order on their platform.

Their responsive inventory and responsible customer service will bring you an enjoyable experience.

And also, due to these excellent services, they earn long-term cooperation clients all over the world.


There is no doubt that is one of the biggest wholesale suppliers, it is a trustworthy brand.

So you haven’t to worry about the payment issue as they provide various payment choices and safe transactions.

Their clients, as well as the warehouses, spread across the world.

You will get great quality products at a pretty low price if you choose the right supplier. Why I say the ‘right supplier’?

It is because Alibaba is a third-party platform so there are numerous suppliers participate there.

The biggest drawback is that you have to spend money and time to test these suppliers.

But on the other hand, you have more categories of products to choose from.

#9. Yuki Wholesale Clothing

Established in 2008, Yuki Wholesale Clothing is a China-based trendy online sale platform that you can buy Korean-style fashion clothing, including blouse, dresses, jackets, coats, and any more at a wholesale price.

The design of the dresses is well meet the Korean aesthetic trend, simple and elegant.

Likely, you will find various trending styles in that meet your need.

Moreover, their customer service is and clothing quality is quite good.

And due to these, they have customers from over 40 countries and the number is growing.

#10. Sthsweet

If you love a Korean brand and would like to buy Korean clothing in bulk, is a store that you won’t want to miss. is part of the Korean fashion group PPB Studios, which owns the renowned brands CHUU, Icecream12. updates their clothing items frequently, thus you will not miss trending clothing if you choose as your supplier.

You will get high-quality clothing at the best price, plus an enjoyable shopping experience and accurate information about the products.

They ship internationally, and you can track your items pretty easily. If you are in need, you can always contact their customer service team for help.

So far, they have customers from over 75 counties and offer more than 20 Korean Fashion brands to their clients.

They own the brands CHUU, Icecream12, Mossbean, and DaliHotel.

They are also distributors of the other brands Cherrykoko, Chichera, Chopper, Dabagirl, Fiona, Michyeora, Mocobling, Pak-Namae, Ribbon tie, Rose factory, Uptownholic, Withipun, Vikinivender, and WiggleWiggle.

#11. Okvit

OKVIT is a company that grows fast and renovate its service recently.

You can handle all the processes like order, payment, and shipping on their website.

They provide safe international shipping and responsive customer service.

You can buy clothing at a wholesale price, if you buy things in bulk, you will get an OKVIT coupon and enjoy free shipping.

They have a strong customer service team, you won’t have a language barrier even if you don’t know and don’t speak Korean.

You can communicate with your mother language anytime.

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How to Promote Your Korean Clothing Wholesale Business?

#1. Social Media

Using social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest will promote your online business effectively, help you target your customers, and increase your store influence.

You can also use their ads to promote your brand. As a result, it will bring you more traffic. The data shows that the ads conversion rate of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest is 9.21%, 3%, 1.5% to 8.5% separately.

Compared with Twitter’s 0.9% conversion rate, Facebook and Pinterest are way better than Twitter.

You can use paid ads to get your clients and if they make a purchase, you earn the difference.

As a virtual marketing platform, Instagram also has great performance.

According to the data, the conversion rate of Facebook ads, Pinterest ads, and Google Search ads is 9.21%, 8.5%, and 3.75%.

But these data are just benchmarks, you will notice that there is a huge difference between different companies.

#2. SEO

SEO means search engine optimization. When users want to buy something, they will go to Google and input specific search items.

In this case, is “Korean Wholesale Clothing Suppliers” then most of them will look for a website they like within the first or second search result page.

When your store rank in these positions, you will have a better chance to get clients.

The conversion rate through the search engine is the best among these marketing methods.

#3. Run Discounts on Your Products

You will improve your conversion rate significantly if you offer discount prices on the clothing, especially during the holidays.

Moreover, your clients will become regular visitors and likely to recommend your store to their friends if they have a nice experience.

#4. Offer Giveaways

People love to get gifts. That is why so many wholesale suppliers, retailers are offering giveaways to stimulate consumption.

You have many options to offer your giveaways like give one item for free once they meet the minimal requirements, for example, they bought four items, then you can offer one item for free.

Your clients will love it and it is a win-win. You get more clients, they get more items.

#5. Sponsor Events

Sponsor events or social gatherings are also a great way to advertise your business and get more awareness.

Sponsor local charity works or scholarship to locals is a great way.

You can consider it spending time and money on advertisement, and in return, you get awareness and orders.

The drawback is that you may spend more money on this compared with other methods, and your targeted customers are so broad.

Generally speaking, it is a method of low conversion rate but will create great awareness of your store in the locality.

What Korean Clothing Wholesale Suppliers Offer Worldwide Free Shipping?

The four sites listed below offer worldwide free shipping:


Final Thoughts

Almost the entire wholesale industry is shifting towards online because of the lower cost of time and money.

But no matter you want to start an online or physical store, it is vital to find the right wholesale suppliers.

And the next step is to start marketing, but this is another story.

If you still can’t find the wholesale supplier you like, you can view more information about how to choose a wholesale clothing supplier.

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