Top 20 Best Wholesale Sites to Buy in Bulk for Resell in China and the USA
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Top 20 Best Wholesale Sites to Buy in Bulk for Resell in China and the USA

There are tonnes of competition when it comes to the wholesale market. Many companies offer their price and some of their quality. But let’s talk about one country popular for it.

That’s right, you might’ve guessed it correctly, it’s China. China is known for its cheap labor and a gigantic market for wholesales. The country has taken control over both the platforms: Online and Offline.

You ask for anything, China has it. It’s also cheaper to deal with when we compare it with other countries, for buying wholesale products for reselling.

China has made things quite easier by the time, so that, it could be a piece of cake for them and their customer for the business.

The US is also one of the top places where you should invest your time and money. I listed down the 20 best wholesale sites that you can buy things in bulk for reselling.

20 Best Wholesaling Websites in China and the USA

Given below is the list of top 11 websites that you might consider when dealing with a bulk load of products:


We assume that most of you have already guessed this one to be on the list. Alibaba is situated in Hangzhou, China. The company is known for a Business to Business (B2B) portal.

Without a doubt, this website tops our list in terms of almost everything whether it’s the price, quality, quantity, delivery, etc. The company has many wholesale producers as well as suppliers. Alibaba has taken over the position since its launch.

There’s not much of any doubt why people choose this website and over any other when they want to invest heavily. The list of suppliers is there to fulfill every need you have.


AliExpress is one of the best cheap online shopping sites for women’s clothes and it is a subsidiary branch of Alibaba Group, is known for its Business to Customer (B2C) service. Many of you have heard about this one as well. The website is widely known for dropshipping and wholesaling.

You can trust them with your eyes closed as they, by far offer the best service there is. The main promotors are the sub-suppliers of the country.

They offer products in a wide range whether it’s kitchenware, electronics, fashion, or even vehicle parts. You name it, they have it. They are believed to have great customer service.


Wholesale7 is a trustworthy place where you can buy affordable bulks of apparel for women, men, and kids. You can even get low-cost clothing items for under $5. The apparel they provide covers an extensive range, from clothing, accessories to shoes. Moreover, they allow you to order the clothing items in a single piece, which is great for your dropshipping business.

You can use credit or debit cards, Paypal, Wire Transfer, and Western Union as your payment methods. All the payments are protected by McAfee’s secure and PayPal Verification.

Once you place an order on Wholesale7, they will deliver your item within 24 hours. If not, they will give you a delivery date. Read more review of Wholesale7

chinabrands - China wholesale brand

Another worth visiting website of the Chinese online market is Chinabrands. Not only China, but this website covers over 200 countries around the globe and manages everything smoothly.

Chinabrands offers over 450k products. The best part is, they keep adding up new trendy products in every interval, making sure that their customers are satisfied at every point.

There is a team assigned for the job to choose the products that they should display on the website and not just anything. You’ve got 0.5 bucks in your pocket?

Then to your amazement, you have tonnes of products that you can buy.


Are you looking for cosmetics, electrical appliances, jewelry, fashionable clothes, etc.? Then this might be the appropriate site for you. believes in providing the best quality material to its customers at a comparatively lower price.

This wholesale site will provide you with everything you need. Just like a shopping mall, add things to your cart and checkout, it will be delivered to you.

Whether you want to buy products of small groups or giant organizations, they’ve got you covered. The sellers can add their new products once they get a green light from Dhgate.

One can get confused about whether to use a new product after it’s launched. But here’s the twist, you can always test them out during a trade show. This wholesale platform believes in the same and lets you check whether it’s profitable for you or not.

This Business to Business (B2B) platform serves over 230 countries across the globe. You won’t find any better than this when it comes to trade shows, which this company organizes every often.

The company is believed to have helped over 1.3 million international buyers.

Also, you don’t have to worry about the trade show and your product because it will be handled by trusted suppliers and hence, it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Have you just established your business? Are you looking for someplace where you show your products? Then, this might be the best opportunity you must grab.

The company gladly accepts small businesses and even individual people. This website makes good deals and wholesaling go hand in hand.

Flash Sales is the one thing this website gives priority to the most. This is a Business to Customer platform (B2C).

Situated in Nanjing, China, this website is known for making your company has it’s own place. Yes, you heard that right. The website provides you with your own homepage where you can display your company profile, products, introduction, and other contents.

The one aim of this website was to connect the suppliers with the right buyers, and they are working great as the mediator.

The website covers everything you have on your checklist and you will be getting the best quality product regardless of the quantity. You are assured that you will be getting the best there is.

China Suppliers

China Internet News Center has its hands on this website and it is government authorized, so, you can relax a little about your wholesaling business deal.

It is a Business to Business (B2B) service platform that offers you fine equipment, food supplies, electrical appliances, garden supplies, etc. You will find only the best and certified suppliers and products on their website, so keep your list ready.


Do you enjoy shopping? Do you want the best apparel there are? Then needless to worry, TBDress is there for you. Either you buy it for yourself or for reselling, they are there.

China Suppliers happily agrees to bulk products purchasing for reselling. Not only that, you can find their mobile application on your iOS devices or Android devices.

They are constructed in such a manner, that you won’t be finding any difficulty whether about the product, shipping, currency, quality, etc. Order something and you will be finding it on your doorstep soon.


Are you a Tech Geek? Or do you like intriguing gadgets? Then, We have a great website that should be your priority. You found some amazing gadget, then you don’t have to wander around the internet because surely has it.

They have worth noticing customer service and they take it seriously. You won’t be finding so much variety of electronic products anywhere like if you didn’t get your product here, god knows where you’ll find it.

Not only Technology, but GearBest has their hands-on fashion, lightings, accessories, computers, appliances, etc. No matter which category you choose, they have got you covered.


if you are looking for some great wholesale deals, then Banggood is one place you should stop by. Not everywhere you will find such deals at the best reasonable prices.

You just have to handover your requirements and they will fulfill your needs. Also, if you are looking for an individual, you can get those as well that too on very reasonable rates.

If you are into fashion, you must check out their website every day because they update their apparel page every often and you will find every outfit that’s trending out there.


you must have guessed this one to be on the list and why won’t this would be on it. is the largest wholesaling website in the US. It is leading because of many factors which are the variety of products, suppliers, shipping, overall experience, pricing, etc.

Categories like electrical appliances, clothing, collectibles, garden supplies, daily needs, etc. Hence, everything you could ever need on one site and one tap away from you.

You can trust their shipping services as it’s one of the things they are renowned for. If you are buying something from eBay, then you’re already on the right path.

If you own a hotel or a restaurant or even a hostel, then, you will be visiting this website oftentimes. This website is known for food supplies, janitorial supplies, and party products.

When you think of a major food distributor, you will surely hear about this one. A great thing about this website is that they accept returns provided the product is in the same state as it was delivered.

They try to deliver the goods as fast as possible, but in the end, it all depends on where you live. Returns will be accepted within 7 days of delivery.

if you’re into fashion, you should definitely check this website out. This website is kind of a boon for people as it has very strong connections with various manufacturing brands.

Because of this, the website gets their goods quite faster and they tend to sell it almost at factory rates, so it’s a winning situation for you.

Also, they tend to deliver your orders as fast as possible. One more thing to keep in mind, the more you purchase the bigger discount they will offer you.

if any other website has set criteria for bulk purchasing and you’re stressed regarding it, then you must check this website for fashion and clothing.

If you are a brand freak, then you’re at the right place. This website is known for having various brands like Calvin Klein, Van Heusen, Burnside, Oakley, Adidas, Hanes, etc.

You can go for the wholesale part without any problems as there is no limit set on purchasing items.

Also, if buy goods worth 200 US dollars or above, then you’ll be getting free shipping and if you place your order before 5 pm (EST), you will be getting it the same day.

C&S Wholesale Grocers

Established in 1918 by Israel Cohen and Abraham Siegel, the company is known for food supplies and grocery items for wholesaling purposes in the US. Currently, it has its HQ located in Keene, New Hemisphere.

You might get amazed by knowing that this company has acquired the 10th position in Forbes’ largest privately owned company. It has over 45 distribution centers around the country.

Getting the position on Forbes’ list makes this website already quite trustworthy. C&S Wholesale Grocers own more than 130k stock-keeping units.

If you are looking for another all-rounder website for wholesaling, then this could be a great shot. is known for everything, fashion, and apparel, electronics, Autos, you name them.

They have ample amount to fulfill your requirements. You won’t be finding such reasonable rates everywhere.

It’s very simple to get your order, add things to your cart, checkout while adding your payment method, once the method is confirmed and approved, you’ll get your order.

Your mind might get a bit dizzy after scrolling through so many items. Just like the best websites, this one also provides you with the best products there are. But here’s a twist, there are choices, if you are a non-member, then you can shoo for one time.

But if you become their member, then you can shop at any time and at any time. As we all have heard, every great thing comes at a price. if you are looking to buy furniture, then, you should definitely visit this website. They have a great variety of furniture products and mattresses. They are in this business since 1994. Also, if you order at a certain time, then you might get your order on the same day.

They are very reliable when it comes to their service. The categories they have are as follows: recliners, king bed, sofas, faux leather, metal bed frame, platform beds, nightstands, etc.

Hence, if it is for your living room, bedroom, or hall, they have everything you might be needed in terms of furniture.

They accept payment as cash, MasterCard, AMEX, Visa, etc. There is at least one year warranty on almost every piece of furniture they sell.

How to Enhance Your Sales?

Let’s take a look at what you should do to increase your sales:

  • You must ask your customers to leave feedback. Nothing else but feedback would take you towards the right track and if you correct it and reply to your customers, that shows that you are serious towards your customers. This will make them come again and visit your website.
  • You must tell everything necessary about your company like the working hours, what the company focuses on? Contact Us, Location, Images, etc. These basic things will make people understand that you are legitimate and so is your business. The more contact you show, the better it is for you.
  • Most of the time, people find it hard to find your store online because you might’ve been using the same words or the same gist as others and so your rank falls on search engines’ list. You must add uniqueness to your information, something that’s unheard of which will make people remember about it. This will not only make customers remember and visit you but your rank on search engines’ page will rise significantly.


In the end, we conclude that wholesaling is a great business but requires your time a lot but you can manage things if you have the capabilities. In China and both the US, wholesaling is widely spread across the country.

Many websites compete with each other to be the best. You must have heard about some as well like eBay, American Freight, C&S Wholesale Grocers, etc. Each and every one of them is known for something special.

For instance, American Freight is known for great furniture, eBay is known for great prices and overall experience, C&S Wholesale Grocers is known for its quality of food and service.

Hence, there are many options in front of you but it all depends on you and your requirements. According to those, you may choose the best one you think fits the criteria.

Also, when we turn ourselves towards the Chinese Online Market, there are many websites that you can visit for your wholesaling for reselling business like Alibaba, AliExpress, Banggood, GearBest, Chinabrands, etc.

Each one of them has its own specialty. Some offer you better quality and some provide a better experience. Every website has a wide range of products, they assure that when you checkout your cart, your checklist should be completed.

Then, we discussed how you can increase your sales by the simple addition of some attributes. They are, using unique keywords that are uncommon or rare.

Adding all the necessary information so that it’s easier for your customers to know you, and asking your customers to leave feedback just to check where you’re great and where you lack.

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