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4 Best Places to Buy Women Fur Slides in Bulk (at a Wholesale Price)

If you are going to operate an online fur slides store, the first and the most important thing is finding a good furry slides wholesaler/vendor that offers low-priced and high-quality items. You have various ways to search for these companies to source your furry slides.

For example, you can use Google or Facebook to find them. All you need to do is simply input the terms “furry slides wholesale,” “fur slides vendor,” or “buy fur slides in bulk” in the search bar. Then you will find a few satisfying results at that time.

Why Should You Start an Online Fur Slides Selling Store?

Fur slides are nothing new, and you can see tons of Youtube, Instagram influencers wearing this kind of cute furry slide and feel enjoyable with these shoes.

Since March 2020, the “fur slides” search term in Google has increased insanely. It is now becoming a trending word in the USA.

The following screenshot welly confirmed this trending. It is the data from “Google trends,” and you can find out the same result at your end.

google trends data of fur slides

The second reason is that the women’s fur slides market is a gold mine right now, meaning you can earn more profits than selling other products. Or that it can be said, a blue ocean—has vast opportunities for a small and medium business owner.

But no matter what business you want to start, either an online store or a physical store, find a place to buy your items is vital.

Top 4 Best Fur Slides Wholesale Suppliers/Vendors

#1. Made In China

made in china's ladies fur slides

Made-in-China is the leading wholesale/vendor platform in China. Founded in 1998, they have been last for over 20 years, and you can find hundreds of thousands of products here, not only these items.

It is one of the best furry slides wholesale suppliers in China, and it can serve the global trade and offer you the high-quality items you need.

#2. Global Sources

Global Sources' Turkey Feather Fur Slippers

Global Sources is founded by Fuzhou Haomin Imp & Exp Co., Ltd—a Chinese company committed to providing the highest quality products. You can find dozens of styles with different natural color furry slides made of different materials, such as faux fur, real/soft fur, raccoon fur slides there.

#3. HL Furs

HL Furs' natural color fox fur slide

HL Furs is an online store that mainly focuses on selling furry slides. They allow you to make custom logos on the slides if you want. Simply send them an inquiry. But you have to wait a few days for your furry slides to be produced.

The best thing is that they allow you to customize unique colors on LV, Gucci, and Chanel logos.

#4. Wholesale7.net

wholesale7 - real raccoon/fox fur slides

Wholesale7 is one of the most popular furry slide wholesale vendors. Their factory uses excellent technology to combine the best fur raw materials with high-quality fur slipper soles to ensure the fur slides you get are of the best comfort.

The women’s fur slide styles of Wholeslae7 are inspired by Japanese and Korean fashion magazines. Thus it would be a good place if you prefer these treading styles.

But once your orders reach a minimum requirement of 200 pairs of fur slides, you can also send your custom logos and ask them to print on them.

How to Increase Your Profit Margins When Selling the Furry Slides?

1. Choose the stand-out products. Choose the stand-out products that have unique/competitive colors, patterns, or sizes. Extended sizes will make you earn more profit as you can attract more customers.

2. Pay attention to your competitor’s pricing, but keep it a bit lower than theirs.

3. Marketing. You will have multiple choices. You can use Facebook Ads, Google Ads, or use Youtube/Instagram influencers to increase visibility.

4. Avoid markdowns. Although the fur slides are affordable options when you want to sell products in bulk, you should avoid markdowns as much as possible. Markdowns are always caused by bad decisions and poor management of inventory.

Avoid markdowns whenever possible is a great way to increase your profit margins, thus to do this, you can improve the inventory visibility—meaning that you improve the responding speed to shift trends and constant changes.

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