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Top 15 Cheap Wholesale Online Clothing Store in China

While the mantra “buy low and sell high” still existed, buying wholesale is the best option for you, especially if you are new to the clothing business. Buying wholesale is not that hard as you think! You need to sign up at the right store.

The good thing about these wholesale clothing portals is, they offer premium quality products at a low price. Equally, they include an extensive range of collections under their roof.

In addition to that, these B2B portals facilitate worldwide suppliers, manufacturers, and buyers. All you require to sign up and place your orders!

While millions of clothing wholesalers drive you crazy, you might be in a state of doubt! We will make the job easier for you as we will explain the best cheap wholesale online clothing store in China—where you will find unlimited collections of cloth at an affordable rate!

To your surprise, we will also deliver tips and skills to run your clothing business more smoothly, without stress.

Why wholesale clothes online?

buy clothing online in bulk

In any business, profit comes first. The clothing business is no exception. The reality is every business holder wants to save money and make a substantial profit, which is why retailers are always after cheap wholesale clothing stores.

Who wouldn’t like to make a profit of $10 to sell around $50? Luckily, everyone does. It will be super-profitable if the particular clothing portal comes up with a 70% discount on a special occasion!

To be clear, the clothing business also proposed you select your industry niche. Amazingly, choosing a niche is so much easier as there are many alternatives you can choose from outdoor men and women, winter fashion, pregnant women, etc.

Cheap clothing portals maintain a variety of selections and sizes (for every season or festival). You are so much allowed to choose your specific color or size with them.

Compared to ordinary retailers, online wholesale clothing retailers provide high-quality, original products that reach end-users after much quality testing.

As of now, the clothing business is on the sky-rocket. If you manage to build your brand, you are most likely debuting into different markets.

By then, you can keep other items in your stores, such as accessories, swimwear, bags, or shoes.

What should you keep in mind when wholesale cheap clothes online?

You might not be aware that the clothing or fashion industry makes roughly $16 billion per year. You can pull a large sum of money into this business if you are a strategic leader.

In the wholesaling business, you would find lots of wholesalers in your reach. But before that, you should keep in mind a few key points to avoid the unavoidable cost.

Buy in bulk for a higher profit

Unlike traditional retailers who never come up with amazing offers for larger orders, it is varied with wholesalers online. Buying clothing in bulk saves your money with heavy discounts.

More or less, online wholesalers run flash sales more often. Therefore it is instructed to visit their sites for special discounts.

You never know when you will get the mouth-watering offer and make your bet at the moment!

Extensive clothing style

Before choosing a specific wholesaler, make sure if it adds the latest-arrival fashion (according to monsoon), collect colorful, attractive items (friendly for all ages and sizes).

Clothing quality

The main concern you always keep to yourself while shopping wholesale cheap clothing online is— if the product would be of poor quality! It appears as your biggest fear.

To avoid complications, you should carefully conduct the product before making the final deal.

Consider whether the product is of excellent quality, supplied by a trusted manufacturer, and likewise so on.

Altogether, you can also consult professional QC teams to testify the originality of the product.

Cut your budget

Shopping from a reputed cheap clothing site can save your expense to a great extent. But the prices are not as normal as you think because it involves extra-stress in storage fee, inventory, logistics, hiring employees, and so on.

The good thing about many wholesale online clothing stores is that they manage the above things to make your shopping more easy and effortless.

Reward points

Many of the wholesale clothing stores manage to have varied reward point systems. You can receive them by registering yourself as a member. In the dashboard, you can add your avatar.

You can also earn reward points by submitting reviews on other customers (it can also be earned through referral).

Needless to say, these reward points can be converted into cash anytime for future purchases.

What are the best cheap clothing wholesale websites?



Established in 1985, Forgotten Grace is an LA-based cheap online clothing store. ForgottenGrace is popular for a wide range of fashion collections, such as t-shirts, blouses, jackets, and so on.

Forgotten Grace includes a professional product description with the model spot. Most of the products start at $15.

In ForgottenGrace, you will get 10% off if you register as a new user (It applies only to orders above $400), with 100% free delivery.

Tasha Apparel

Tasha women wholesale clothing store

Tasha Apparel has been a wholesale-leader in Los Angeles since 2005. It is known for its trendy cloth collections, which frequently come with heart-warming deals (50-80% off).

Without any doubt, Tasha Apparel holds 100% high-quality products at reasonable prices. It has a wide range of sizes and amazing styles which are enough customers to attract!

To sum up, this wholesale hub is recognized for managing higher-efficient customer support and expensive product selection. To its best, Tasha Apparel includes multiple payment options and free shipping on orders above $300.

Likewise, Tasha Apparel retains high-quality product images— lure you to shop more and more! Unquestionably, Tasha Apparel is all the way next stop for wholesale clothing.

Wholesale 7


Wholesale7 is one of the best affordable Chinese clothing suppliers and is your utmost stop of wholesaling. It contains 10000+ styles and comes with VIP discounts.

By no means, wholesale 7 is the fastest-growing fashion wholesale all over the world. Wholesale 7 has its app — shop anytime, anywhere. The platform has accessories, bags, kids, men’s, and women’s suits.

The best thing about Wholesale 7 is, it accommodates student discounts. To sum up, the store has a seamless, secure payment gateway, and it is 100% legit.



StylePick is an all-around wholesale fashion marketplace specifically dedicated to women’s fashion. The amalgamation of trendy styles and the user-friendly web interface is what attracts the customers.

By no means, StylePick is dignities as the #1 place for all vendors and retailers worldwide. StylePick has its unique woman collection, exclusively keeping vendors such as Blue B, Day & Night, Hers & Mine, and many more.

StylePick’s buying prices are seamless, innovative, and easy to use. StylePick offers full-fledged custom websites, automated product uploading, payment gateway, domain, and storage.



LAShowroom is celebrated for its diverse collection of apparel and accessories. Inevitably, it is an ideal go-to-place for manufacturers and distributors. LAShowroom shows its vendors to sell the products (collection) all over the world.

LAShowroom contains everything that anyone requires to set up their own stores (professional photography services, personalized email campaigns, website design, and graphic design services).

Through LAShowroom, registered buyers can place orders with multiple vendors— right through a single account.

Again, the vendors have full access to its hundred showrooms: menswear, children’s apparel, accessories, and so on. Nonetheless, they can enjoy special services like Buyer Rewards Program and Order Consolidation.



Orange Shine is thriving to increase wholesale manufacturer’s product lines and is considered one of the best places to buy high-quality boutique clothing. Also, it helps to brand recognition better. It is a full-edge e-commerce company, where wholesalers get specially devoted tools and services.

With time, it has attracted many new users. It has not only professional product photographs but also super-strong customer support. Needless to remark, OrangeShine includes effortless order setups.

Finally, this e-commerce platform helps you to set up your online business without much effort and cost.


FashionGo connects with vendors and retail buyers worldwide, which is mainly a B2B fashion marketplace. FashionGo is the fastest-growing e-commerce platform.

It is simple and easy to use, where users can gain maximum sales at minimum cost and effort. Besides, FashionGo has 24/7 customer support. To the last, FashionGo has the latest trends at affordable prices.

Wholesale Fashion Square

Wholesale Fashion Square

There’s nothing that can beat Wholesale Fashion Square, the LA-based clothing and jewelry hub when it comes to premium fashion items.

Founded in 2006, Wholesale Fashion Square created its products enthusiastically, with keen details on design and quality, sourced by many inspiring LA-based retailers.

They offer the finest designer clothing and jewelry at the lowest possible prices. Their team of passionate professionals never undervalue your love for apparel. Their items are delivered all around the world.

Wholesale Fashion Square contains a vast range of cloth, including skirts, jeans, outerwear, and more. Also, it comprises wholesale jewelry, accessories, scarves, and bags.

Wholesale Central

wholesale central

Wholesale Central is the leading B2B e-commerce platform for suppliers and retailers. Wholesale Central contains powerful sourcing tools that help resellers find thousands of importers, drop shippers, and wholesalers.

You need to sign up to shop low-price wholesale merchandise.

Boulevard Apparel

Boulevard Apparel is always recommended for wholesale and retail stores. Like other cheap online wholesalers, Boulevard Apparel also offers top-quality products at a low price.

It has an extensive collection of women, men, and kids’ fashion. It is mainly specialized outerwear and outdoor clothing (jackets, vests, sportswear, hoodies, jeans, dresses, tops, and so much more).

The very best thing about Boulevard Apparel is that you can purchase bulk clothes at a low price and profit by selling them.


Topshop is not an international shopping site, but it is purely a UK-based high street platform (perfect for UK-based customers). Topshop is mostly suggested for jeans-based wholesalers.

The shopping site includes different kinds of fashion accessories, ranging from shoes to tops. Topshop has its collection of brands, including Adidas, Calvin Klein, Champion, etc.

The best thing is—Topshop’s collections start below £50 (you will get 10% off if you are a student). Besides, this shopping site offers standard delivery and free return.


With fashion catalogs of over 200.000 product lines, Sammydress has gained its place as the world’s largest wholesale hub. What isn’t included in Sammydress? From fashion accessories to home appliances—Sammydress has everything within. Amazingly, it adds hot-trending styles regularly.

Sammydress randomly offers you a 100% lottery ticket (typically, it is a discount coupon of up to 30%). Sammydress has the lowest cloth collection ever (starts from $2-30 wholesale price).

Sammydress offers S points at your every order, which you can use for the next purchase. Also, it has its mobile app—buy anytime, anywhere.

Surprisingly, the e-commerce platform offers various payment methods, such as PayPal, Credit Card, Western Union, and wire transfer.

Sugar Lips wholesale

sugar lips

Sugar Lips Wholesale is a popular name in North America. Their excellency lies in producing high-quality, fashionable cloth at an affordable price.

Sugar Lips Wholesale, the innovative e-commerce platform, produces hundreds of new designs every month. SugarLips’s popularity could be seen in the largest department stores and bouquets in North America.

Finally, Sugar Lips Wholesale delivers the finest quality contemporary style pieces at a reasonable price.

Bloom Wholesale

Bloom Wholesale

Bloom Wholesale is a leading wholesale clothing distributor, especially maintains women and plus-size fashion. They offer current fashion trends at a very low price.

Bloom Wholesale collects super-fine clothing items and launches new products every week. Bloom Wholesale hasn’t a limitation of minimum orders, and the return policy is super-smooth.

At your request, you can ask for a refund if you are not satisfied with the product (It applies within 3 days of purchasing).

CC Wholesale Clothing

cc wholesale clothing

Established in 2009 in Los Angeles, CC Woodside Clothing is a one-way destination for wholesale clothing buyers. Earlier, back 15 years ago, this shopping hub started as a single retail store.

But now, it has 10 stores all over Los Angeles and solely focused on online wholesale clothing. As they are long-race horses, they can easily realize what the customer wants, what they drive for!

CC Wholesale Clothing manages to include every fashion merchandise, such as jewelry, shoes, accessories, beauty products, and much more.

With daily updates of fashion merchandise, this e-commerce platform is now able to attract wholesalers globally.

Without any doubt, CC Wholesale Clothing is the final platform relating to wholesale fashion, discount, and closeout.

Are these websites trustworthy to buy them?

It is quite subjective, but a little more consideration before making the final buy could help you to a great extent. In the matter of trustworthiness, you should consider whether that particular wholesaler has successful stories behind it.

A little more googling or Youtubing could help you better. Make sure to check their legit reviews on different sites (testimony works best for this purpose).

At the initial stage, while collecting the best wholesale clothing stores, you should clearly analyze or compare the sites and judge by yourself— which wholesaler is offering the best quality product at an affordable price.

Clearly, we have illustrated complete legit or trustworthy sites in the list, where you can sufficiently earn a great sum of profit.

These tips will help you to choose your wholesale online clothing store:

Avoid such wholesalers who haven’t a clear idea about their product. A reliable wholesaler always carries a strong understanding of the products they sell.

Usually, such wholesalers keep silent to your questions as they are not aware of their merchandise.

Besides, it would help if you also considered their customer support. We often see mere efficient customer service, which never listens to your queries or concerns.

In addition to that, consider choosing such wholesalers who add fashion merchandise at their portals regularly.

To a great extent, you should understand their specific fashion collection. If you are a niche retailer, choosing wholesalers that fulfill your niches is always inspiring!

Frequently, we see that wholesalers avoid a smooth return policy (it causes substantial losses to retailers). Before considering them, you need to understand the return policies clearly.

Again, it would help if you looked closer at whether the particular wholesalers keep 100% original products or not. It could be analyzed through different quality-testing processes or standards.

Many of the time, customers are more attracted to top-notch branded products, which is why you need to approve such wholesalers who keep the #1 brand at their portals.

Last but not least, you should also clarify whether your wholesalers offer drop-ship or not! Because dropshipping is a great way to save on storage and shipping costs. Needless to say, it’s okay to negotiate with your wholesalers.

Final words

Finding the best wholesale clothing store online is hard as there are tons of wholesalers around the space. So you need to be more careful than before— to avoid scams.

What we most likely encourage you to create a list of wholesalers and make a comparison between them— select the one who offers high-quality cloth at a minimum price.

To know more deeply about them, you are requested to visit their sites regularly. Many moments, they come with flash sales and heavy discounts on products.

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