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Kirin Launches Exclusive Capsule With Farfetch

Kirin, a streetwear company founded by Peggy Gou and inspired by her Korean ancestry, has created a capsule collection exclusively for Farfetch in the form of genderless, inclusive clothes.

Throughout reality, the collection is built on the foundation of Gou’s culture and personal experiences, with special attention on the role of women as curators in world history. This influence is reflected in the capsule’s colorful designs, which include bold colors and modern shapes that enable the user to express themselves and their narrative.

Finally, Gou’s “unity, collaboration, and connection” principles appear to be reflected in the collection, which “celebrates our present age of acceptance and freedom for all humans.”

A component of the range, defined in the press release as geared for “non-conforming dressers,” includes large carry-all bags, casual shirts, and denim outfits.

Human figures are featured throughout, in allusion to Gou’s concentration on female emancipation, including a ‘Dancing Women’ denim and knit set and a ‘Women Profile’ collection, which includes pants, shirts, shorts, and a robe. A second line, ‘Sound Wave,’ refers to Gou’s career and is portrayed in patterns inspired by sound vibrations, emphasizing the designer’s relationship to music.

The collection is only available on Farfetch’s website.

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